Words: Eric Pefley
Photos: Eric Pefley

On Friday night I got to see the Counting Crows 25th Anniversary tour with special guest Live. They are on their own The Reunion World Tour. The show was at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, WA. It was a bit of a dreary night, but it was warm enough and most of the venue is covered. There was a lot of excitement from the crowd in attendance, and you could really feel everyone’s anticipation for the show.

Live came out and played a really good thirteen song set that had everyone having a good time. Almost half the set came from their 8x platinum selling album “Throwing Copper”. The set featuring all five massive hits from this album in Selling the Drama, I Alone, Lighting Crashes (which closed the set), All Over You and White Discussion. The crowed was quite pleased to hear so many songs off this massive hit album.

The rest of the show was split up throughout their other great albums. The other two hit songs that were part of the three-song encore were Heaven and Turn My Head. Live sounded great and with the entire original band together, in was indeed a special performance to see. Having Ed Kowalczyk back on vocals was great. They had a solid light show and a good amount of energy on stage for a band that has been doing this since 1984 under a couple different band names. I was left very impressed with the performance and would like to see them come back as a headliner.

Counting Crows is out celebrating their 25th Anniversary with this current tour. Funny enough though, lead singer and band co-founder Adam Duritz said he spent some time thinking about how to make this tour special and came up with nothing! He mentioned we tour about every year anyway, so we are always playing for our fans. What he ended up settling on was taking some time to talk about some of the songs and what they meant to him. Sometimes just taking a seat by the edge of the stage and chatting with the audience. It was quite cool and made the show feel very intimate.

One of the song he talked about was Omaha. He said he never felt right about the original version even though everyone told him it was great. They completely re-did it for this tour and it was awesome! There were a lot of moments like this spread throughout the evening. I really enjoyed this format and the stories were great. Even though Duritz down played the whole anniversary tour idea, he ended up making it a very special show indeed. The crowd seemed to really enjoy it as well and roared their approval.

The show consisted of sixteen songs and covered pretty much their whole career. Some of the highlights in the first part of the set were Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby, Scarecrow, Miami and Round Here. The band sounded great and the crowd was really into it. You could see smiles all around as everyone enjoyed songs from their vast catalog of music. As the night continued we were also treated to Mr. Jones, A Long December and Hanginaround. As you can tell the great songs just kept coming all night.

We had finally come to the encore which featured Rain King and Holiday in Spain. A fantastic night of music had come to an end where both bands had delivered the goods. You could tell these are very veteran bands with fantastic musicians all around. The entire show sounded great and left the crowd satisfied. These two bands together were a great pairing and brought a very special night of music. If you get a chance to catch this tour, don’t pass up the chance. This will be one of the better shows of the summer!

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