After already having a huge year and getting to play at the inaugural Download Melbourne earlier this year, Clowns are making the trek to Brisbane to play Dead of Winter next weekend! Vocalist Stevie Williams took some time out of his preparation to speak about the upcoming festival, kicking off the interview with, “It’s just great to be on the line-up, as I feel like Dead of Winter this year is going to be a fun time; especially with the expansion to a second venue!”

Taking time to talk about the huge line-up that’s expanding over two venues, Williams gives a small insight into who he’d like to see if time permits, pointing out, “I am a massive fan of The Cutaways, as they’re a great Brisbane band! I’ve seen them before, but I’ll never turn down the chance to see them again. I might also check out The Neptune Power Federation, only on the proviso that they manage to fly up their massive bong they set up on stage! I’ve seen videos and it’s pretty impressive.”

Dead of Winter is more than just a music festival, as there’s also going to be burlesque and horror-themed cabaret taking place! When asked if he would find time to check out the non-musical activities, Williams replied, “Of course; you’ve gotta get amongst it! I’m most excited about the red wine,” he chuckles, “Even though I can’t say that cabaret or burlesque is one of my go-to pastimes, I’m always open to a new bit of culture. I think we played Dead of Winter back in 2013 and we loved the fact that it doesn’t just embody punk! It takes a few pieces from different cultures and pushes them together in a fluid and symbiotic way.”

Taking time to speak to Williams personally, this interviewer was curious as to which song(s) he was most looking forward to performing. Williams happily explains, “We’re playing a couple of new songs on this run. The set we’re doing will be the set we’re playing in Europe, as we actually leave from Brisbane. It will be really exciting to play the new songs as we’ve only played them a couple of times. Plus I feel that Dead of Winter is an environment where they will thrive!”

After finding out the band are heading off to Europe, it was time to pick Williams’ brain and see what the rest of the year holds. Unfortunately, Williams informed us, “I’ve kinda been sworn to secrecy, but let’s just say we have plans; we will be following through with them and they will be exciting!” Whilst trying to push a little more for a timeframe, Williams quipped with a chuckle, “You’re looking at the time frame from now until this time next year. Nice try though, but it’s like Area 51 over here and it would be a federal offence to ask further questions!”

Drawing the interview to a close with his final statement to fans, Williams just wanted to know, “Why?”