‘The Last One’ is the new album coming from Melbourne prog-metallers Circles, on August 31st. Ahead of the album’s release and a huge UK/EU Tour with fellow Australians Caligula’s Horse and I Built the Sky, I got some phone time with Circles vocalist and guitarist Ben Rechter and chatted touring, albums and heaps more!

As the album release is not too far away, I first asked Rechter how he was feeling about ‘The Last One.’ “I’m looking forward to it, and I’m nervous as hell! We’ve been sitting with the songs for so long, heard them so many times that I don’t know what they are on their own anymore, I don’t know what it’s like to hear them for the first time.” Ben also went on to say, “I’m curious to see everyone’s interpretation. I think we’ve done a good thing and I think people will be into what we’re doing.” Always curious, I asked Rechter if he had a favourite track on the album. “I reckon I have about six, so I’d say my favourite song is probably the one we just put out, Breaker.” The reasons why it’s Rechter’s favourite are, “It’s like a kick in the chest, it’s a really fun song to play live. It’s really low heavy, just a really fun song to play.”

We then turned the conversation to the band’s writing process. “Everyone writes separately, but then we work on it together. It’s really collaborative, everyone is coming up with parts for every instrument.” In regards to Rechter’s personal style, I asked him how he worked on lyrics. “I have a habit of not showing anyone until the whole song is done. I have no idea what’s going on and then I’ll bring it in to show to everyone.” We also talked about how songs make the cut and get put onto the album. “There’s a few songs that not everyone necessarily agreed on at the start, and they’ll get worked on in the future, but we generally go with what flows best in terms of whatever was coming out idea’s wise.”

We then talked about the upcoming massive EU / UK tour the guys are heading out on with Caligula’s Horse and I Built The Sky, starting in the Netherlands on October 7th. “It’s gonna be I think uh, a little bit of a test being in close quarters with those dudes for a month, but we all get along really well.” With a laugh, Rechter continued on to say, “We’re all idiots, so I think it’ll work out pretty well.” I then asked Rechter what were his tour essentials, what he couldn’t leave for tour without. “I go pretty minimalist actually, um, I’ll wear the same socks for a whole tour. The same jacket and everything. All I need is headphones.” Curious, I asked Rechter if it was the same pair of socks a whole tour, or just similar look pairs of socks. “I’ll rock the same pair, if I need to!” I asked Rechter if those socks would start to get a bit smelly after a while and with a laugh, Rechter continued on to say, “You’re with a bunch of dudes, everyone smells, everyone stinks. You just push through.” Next, I asked Rechter where he was most looking forward to going on the tour. “Everywhere in Germany I’m psyched for. I’m psyched for everywhere because it’s gonna be our first time in Europe.” Rechter also noted, “I’ve always wanted to go to Prague so I’m psyched for that.”

I asked Rechter how many songs off the album would make it onto the setlist for the upcoming tour next, and he said this: “We’re trying to work that out now, but we’re hoping for four or five, which is pretty much half the new album, if not more.” Rechter also said, “We’d like to play the whole album start to finish but I don’t think that’s what people are hoping for.” I then suggested to Rechter that maybe in the future there could be an Australian tour with a track by track of the album. Laughing, Rechter said, “I mean, I’d love to do that. Probably not a thing you do when you first release it but I like the idea!” So that’s something for us to look forward to in the future!

We then talked about how Rechter’s joining the band came about. “I met Ted (Furuhashi,guitar/backing vocals) & Dave (Hunter, drums) probably five years ago when they came to a show for one of my old bands and Ted stayed in touch.” Further explaining, Rechter went on to say, “When it turned out they needed another guitarist he just hit me up out of nowhere. It’d been a few years since we’d spoken so it was really out of the blue. He liked what I was doing with my old band.”

Finally, we turned the conversation to influences, and I asked Rechter who his were personally. “Karnivool, can’t help but love them. Also Jeff Buckley, I love that dude. The band Mutemath have been pretty massive for me for the past five, six years, really love those dudes.” Pausing to think, Rechter also said, “Lately Architects, those dudes just have such an incredible passion for their music. I really dig that and I sort of want to be able to get that through in our music.” I asked Rechter who he’d most like to tour with of those bands. “Ooh, I would probably say Architects, just coz I reckon they’d put on a hell of a show. Jeff Buckley would put me in my place every night, but I think Architects would just be right up there in energy.”

In closing, Recher wanted to let people know to “Keep an open mind with the album. It’s a bit different to the last album so hopefully people support what we’re trying to do.”

Pre-Order your copy of ‘The Last One’, out August 31st via Wild Thing Records HERE!