A SCAR FOR THE WICKED Premiere EP Full Stream “The Unholy” via New Noise Mag

New EP Out June 29th

EP Title: The Unholy

Track Listing:
1. Born From The Grave (3:17)
2. A Place Where Death Resides (3:50)
3. The Abyss (4:35)
4. Darkness Approaches (3:16)
5. The Unholy (4:03)
6. Malformed (2:30)
7. Evil Within (4:29)
EP Length: 26:03

Since 2010, Ottawa’s A SCAR FOR THE WICKED (ASFTW) has been clawing their way through the Eastern Canadian metal scene playing fast, evil and energetic songs inspired by horror shows and films. Their favorite themes encompass zombies, demons and other evil creatures and for them, each song is executed as a short horror story accompanied by heavy music. Like most horror stories this is not for the faint of heart.

Fueled by a passion to bring horrific and grotesque sounds to their fans, A SCAR FOR THE WICKED are unleashing their third EP “The Unholy” on June 29, 2018. Full of face melting heaviness and a dark and evil atmosphere that offers more sickening death metal to the unsuspecting world, “The Unholy” follows their 2012 Machiavellian hymn to the dead “Scars” and 2014’s brutal assault “The Necrobutcher”.

Before it officially scares the masses, ASFTW have entered the mosh pit with New Noise Magazine for the exclusive full stream premiere for “The Unholy”.

Take a listen at https://newnoisemagazine.com/stream-scar-wicked-unholy/

The band comments:

“‘The Unholy’ is a step up from our previous EP ‘The Necrobutcher’. It’s heavier, more technical, faster, more melodic and flows very well from front to back. Silverwing Studios did an excellent production. The vocals often alternate from low to high in range and is accompanied by powerful backing-vocals. Every track is hard hitting and overall the EP and lyrical content have a very dark feel to them.”

Plus don’t forget to watch their music video for the EP’s title track via Metal Injection at the following link: http://www.metalinjection.net/video/a-scar-for-the-wicked-brings-the-unholy-with-their-new-epic-death-metal-release

EP Pre-Order available on the ASFTW‘s Bandcamp here.

Lyric Video – “Born From The Grave” – https://youtu.be/sZK45dt8Tr0

EP and Live Band Line Up:
Guitar/Vocals: Adam Semler
Guitar: Joe Lyko
Drums: Nick Rodgers
Bass: James Nopper
Vocals: Eric Forget

Show Dates:
June 29 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks – info (CD Release Show) w/ Fractures & Outline, Hatred Reigns, Whispers In The Maze
Sept 1 – Ottawa, ON – Cafe Dekcuf – info – w/ Persefone, Manticora, Unknown

“Filled to the brim with captivating melodies and brutal precision, the band raises their own bar on the upcoming EP, and will surely twist some heads in the future.” – Metal Injection 

“It’s catchy while maintaining aggression, and the melodic guitarwork is quite frequently the highlight of each track.” – Dead Rhetoric

“this EP is a real stand-out, well-varied, aggressive as fuck and loaded with metallic brilliance. ” – Merchants of air

“This EP is a complete force of death as it ushers forth seven life draining and blood letting rituals. Through and through this is a monstrous and devastating record, one that piles you up among the rest of the cadavers once everything is all said and done. The Unholy is a savage and unhinged release that aims to drain your marrow from the very get go as it stampedes forth without warning pushing your life to the brink. ” – Cadaver Garden

“One of Ottawa’s most promising death metal bands” – Ottawa Showbox

” A Scar For The Wicked will assault and infect anything that comes in contact with their aggressive, scathing melody with daring lyrical context, that is layered on pure attack force!” – Nataliez World

” Without a doubt and from the very beginning the duel vocalists make themselves stand out by implementing a solid mix of shrill highs and gutturals; hitting hard and quick, the two opposites occasionally find themselves entwined, as in “Silence Vile Temptress” and the spine tingling growl at the beginning of “Surrounded by Giants”. ” – Volume Sins (Review of The Necrobutcher 2014)