HYVMINE launch new track ‘The Epicoustic’ with accompanying guitar tutorial/playthrough.

Fight or Flight Release Date:
13th July 2018
(Via Seek and Strike / Sony Music)


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The new face of progressive metal is here. A full assault on the senses, HYVMINE are here to bring an eclectic mixture of guitar wizardry accompanied by anthemic vocals akin to Sevendust and Alter Bridge. HYVMINE are set to launch a new EP called ‘Fight or Flight’ on July 13th 2018 and is fronted by guitar virtuoso Al Joseph who has already attracted the attention of the metal scene with his intensive riff-mongering. Accompanied by his brother Chris Joseph on bass and Alon Mei-Tal on guitars, this unique trio are here to fight for their place on the progressive metal map.

Hyvmine recently teamed up with Music Radar/Total Guitar to promote a guitar tutorial/playthrough of a brand new track called The Epicoustic. You can view this HERE

You can check out the full audio video of the track HERE

Al Joseph says this about the track “The whole attitude behind this song is that our character is setting out to save the world and he doesn’t care who gets in his way and he is confident that he will succeed in saving the earth.

Alon Mei-Tal (guitar) was the brains behind the music here. So much aggression and melodic content here. What a treat for the band. This tune also has a triumphant vibe to, it it’s almost anthemic in a way. Definitely our most technical period and I can’t wait to play it live for the fans. Epicoustic is Dream Theater, meets, Symphony X, meets Sevendust in its own way. My favorite tune!”

Al Joseph is here to redefine the metal genre to display his technical prowess that is influenced by the likes of Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi, John Petrucci and Joe Satriani.

Al Joseph (vocals, lead guitar) states: “The Fight Or Flight EP means pure Metal to me. It’s was a chance for us to put our more commercial side away and just shred. I had so much fun with the guys putting this project together because our goal more than anything was to write with the gloves off.

“What I liked most about this project was that each member had a chance to fully step up and jumpstart the song, so each song has a different flavor of which it was ultimately up to myself (AJ) to arrange and craft the songs to their final stages. This process allowed our songs to mature a step further as we continue to define our sound.

“Writing this way also inspired me as a singer to experiment with my voice. It was great finally getting a chance to try different tones from section to section, giving each part of the song a different and powerful delivery. I was able to call upon my main vocal influences, as well as my main guitar influences a bit more.”

Track List

1. Coupe De Grace
2. The Epicoustic
3. Feather Bed


Al Joseph – Guitars/Vocals
Chris Joseph – Bass
Alon Mei-Tal – Guitars


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Instagram – @hyvmineofficial