After releasing ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ in March, Casey is riding the wave of excitement that’s followed! Having recently completed a tour of the UK & Europe, vocalist Thomas Weaver and company are making their first trip to Australia as main support for Belle Haven next month. Before touching on the upcoming tour, Weaver touched on the recent Europe/UK shows:

“They went exceedingly well and a lot better than we expected them too; especially as they were our first outing as a headline band. We also bought two bands with us that didn’t have a strong European presence, but it was great to see the reaction and test out our abilities as a headline act! From memory 11 of the 21 shows sold out.”

Moving onto the upcoming trip to Australia, Weaver pointed out “we had loosely discussed coming to Australia with Ash from Greyscale previously.” When asked about the reasoning behind not making an appearance on our shores sooner, Weaver explained “the finances didn’t make sense at the time; we knew we were going to lose a load of money we couldn’t afford to lose! We’ve heard too many horror stories about people who made really extravagant trips in the hopes that it would raise their profile, but have it expend all their resources instead. Coming off the headline tour this time around, it made a lot more sense to take the opportunity and run with it. Plus ever since Casey began we’ve felt we have an active fan base in Australia, so it’s nice to finally make the trip!”

Giving a personal yet professional response about the feedback ‘Where I Go When I Am Sleeping’ has been receiving, Weaver quipped “from what I’ve seen, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, however I’m not one to drill into YouTube comments or flick through articles.” before talking about the few things he’s really noticed:

“A few people have said they were nervous we were moving from the topics of the original record; whilst it doesn’t touch on the same spectrum of topics, it still retains the emotional integrity and the honesty for which they respected Casey for. Plus we’ve felt a lot of love around the world and not only has it eased our mind a lot about playing as a headline, but also branching out beyond the UK.  It doesn’t feel like we’re going to get out there and have people the new songs whilst chanting for ‘Love Is Not Enough’.“

When asked to deliver insight about what fans can expect to see at these upcoming shows, Weaver explains “we play the show that we want to play and we never decide the set list before the tour; we’ll probably decide at the Perth show what we’re going on play on the night and carry that through into the other shows.” Weaver then delved into greater depth and expanded further:

“When we play, it’s a very self-involved thing where we play for ourselves and for each other. If people vibe with it, that’s sick and if they don’t, we’re not affronted by it; it’s just the case we like to play the way we like playing. Plus it’s a very authentic and personal show, so I try to stray from the habitual banter between songs. It’s going to be an honest show and exactly what we want to portray on the day! Plus we’re a very social band and we’ll be hanging around after the show; so if people want to hang out with friends they never knew they had, feel free! The only thing we ever expect from a crowd is thirty minutes. They can stand where they want, they can do what they want and listen if they want. I won’t coerce people into buying merch; it’s a personal choice on whether they want to invest.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Weaver put out a pre-emptive emergency call before they step foot onto our shores next month:

“Between finishing up this tour selling merch for Immure, travel, hospital treatment, doing my laundry/repacking and sorting out our equipment, I get one day off! So please, bring me a coffee as I’m going to be super tired.”