80’s Thrashers INFRARED Premiere Music Video “All In Favour”

New Album “Saviours” Out Now!

Ottawa Show Dates w/ Black Mass (June 29) and Venom (Sept 3)

L-R = Alain Groulx (Drums, Backing Vocals) | Mike Forbes (Bass, Backing Vocals) | Armin Kamal (Vocal, Guitar) | Kirk Gidley (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Photo Credit: Gord Weber

Making an impact on the Canadian’s 80s thrash scene, Ottawa legends INFRARED returned this year to cement and carry on their own legacy with their new album “Saviours” featuring all new music to follow their EP “No Peace”, which featured tracks all written in the 80’s and only recently heard by fans in 2016. Featuring eight brand new tracks, “Saviours” is thrashy, aggressive, melodic, heavy, and tight, which is clearly evident in the band’s new music video “All In Favour” being premiered on Bravewords.

Check out the new video “All In Favour”  http://bravewords.com/news/exclusive-infrared-premiere-all-in-favour-music-video 

Vocalist / guitarist Armin Kamal comments about the new album:

“Infrared is extremely excited to release our sophomore album “Saviours”. This has been in the works for about 2 years now and is something we are very proud of. “Saviours” has fulfilled a goal of ours to create some brand new music the way we know how, with an old school 80s thrash feel along with a contemporary sound that encompasses our influences beyond the 80s. 

While not explicitly a concept album, the album is heavily themed on the idea of false “Saviours” who claim to do good for others but are really self serving in their intentions. We like to inspire independent thought and a cautious view of the intentions of those who promote themselves as leaders. This message has been captured with 8 brand new songs that highlight the diversity in which this band makes music. While all songs stay true to our roots, they each offer a piece of what Infrared has to offer our fans. From fast and thrashy to melodic and dramatic, “Saviours” delivers a punch from start to finish.”

“Saviours” is available for download and stream on InfraredMetal.caiTunes, Spotify, AmazonBandcamp, CD Baby and all other major online retailers.

Album Stream – https://youtu.be/bGxTUBAfr4I

Show Dates:
June 29 – Ottawa, ON – House of Targ – info w/ Black Mass, Mortor
Sept 3 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks – info w/ Venom, Metalfier, Mortor

Track Listing:
1. Project Karma (6:48)
2. The Demagogue (6:52)
3. Saviour (6:04)
4. The Fallen (6:33)
5. All In Favour (5:51)
6. They Kill For Gods (7:41)
7. Father of Lies (5:55)
8. Genocide Convention (5:33)
Album Length: 51:20

Band Line Up: 
– Armin Kamal (Vocals and Guitars)
– Kirk Gidley (Guitars, Backing Vocals)
– Alain Groulx (Drums, Backing Vocals)
– Mike Forbes (Bass, Backing Vocals)

 For more info:

Their new album Saviours is a thrash party from beginning to end.” – Rock Portaal

“These guys play a heavy/thrash hybrid that’s highly melodic and at times is so damn catchy, some of the songs just stick in your head after the first listen. ” – The Metal Crypt

“Straight up thrash metal with the heavy and fast riffs, pounding drums, and the thumping of the bass.” – Sleaze Roxx

“After sitting down and listening to Infrared’s ‘No Peace’ over a period of days, it’s safe to say that this is a solid thrash metal album that will easily please genre purists. It’s an aggressive offering, but it doesn’t take too many risks, nor does it have to. This band is extremely talented and this album is well worth your money.” – Metal At The Gates

“At times reminiscent of old school Metallica, sometimes Megadeth, sometimes something else entirely. In short, if you dig 80’s metal you should really give this album a listen. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’m already looking forward to the next.” – Skull Banger

“No Peace grabs you by the balls from the first power chords of Inframental and doesn’t let up until the final note of In Search Of.” – Korea Guitar

“Overall, classic sounding, old school thrash metal from an era when thrash was still evolving, this album (No Peace) is a cracking introduction to the mid eighties thrash metal sound.” – Metal Gods TV

“For the sound and style, this is one of the top releases over the last year. The style was getting stale with many sound a-likes, now Infrared are here, so pick up your jaw and enjoy this bruiser of an album. “- Acier Doux Metal Management & Promotions Tunisia