Two years since their very first journey Down Under, Primal Fear will be returning to Australian shores in November to bring the ‘Apocalypse’ down upon us! The band’s first foray to Australia saw them playing two very intimate shows at the Northcote and Newtown Social Clubs, in Melbourne and Sydney respectively. This time the tour will be bigger and better, with the German Power Metal sensations hitting those two cities’ Max Watt’s venues.

Primal Fear will be releasing their new album ‘Apocalypse’ on August 10th, so fans will have plenty of time to acquaint themselves with the new material. Of course, they’ll play plenty of classics as well, so there should be something for fans of all stripes, whether you’re keen for the new or an adherent from way back in the days of the band’s self-titled debut in 1998. Speaking of which, that makes it 20 years since Primal Fear released their first album, so what better way to celebrate this anniversary with them?

Also joining Primal Fear on the bill for the very first time in Australia will be one of bassist Mat Sinner’s other projects, aptly named Sinner. Sinner released their first album back in 1982, long before Primal Fear hit the scene.  Despite the emergence of Primal Fear, Sinner have never rested on their laurels, with 18 studio albums released and never more than four years between releases. In fact, Sinner released a new album every year from 1982 – 1987. With Primal Fear guitarist Tom Naumann also on board, it’ll be a massive night for Sinner and Naumann as they perform double duty with these two fearsome acts. Be sure to keep an ear out for tracks from Sinner’s latest album ‘Tequila Suicide,’ released last year!

Opening the shows will be Melbourne’s fantasy Power Metal mainstays, Horizons Edge. Despite being based in Melbourne, the addition of this band still keeps things in the Primal Fear family, as their latest album ‘Let the Show Go On’ features guest vocals from Primal Fear frontman Ralf Scheepers, who also acted as vocal producer for Horizons Edge frontwoman Kat Sproule. Horizons Edge are themselves prolific live performers, having recently played on the Lagerstein Yeast Coast tour, and prior to that supported ex-Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss earlier this year.

The pedigree keeps on coming of course, as Scheepers is also the former vocalist of Gamma Ray. With his powerful and distinctive voice, Scheepers is instantly recognisable wherever he chooses to lay down his vocals. With Scheepers at the helm, it’s going to be a powerful night of storytelling, as Primal Fear’s lyrics often delve into the realms of science fiction and fantasy, alongside the alternately dark and whimsical tales of Horizons Edge.

Ultimately, Primal Fear are a band who never let their fans down. Their previous release, 2016’s ‘Rulebreaker’ – again released just in time for their Australian tour – was a game-changer even this deep into their career. The opening track Angels of Mercy was a brutal assault of heavy riffs and battle-hardened lyrics, a song with enough live power to become the title of the band’s 2017 live release, ‘Angels of Mercy – Live in Germany.’ The End is Near follows, a track with all the classic elements of Primal Fear, from Scheepers’ unbelievable wails to trademark sneer, the triple assault of Naumann, Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson’s driving riffs, and enough hooks to get the song stuck in your head for days. On the other hand, the album also includes the ten-minute, pathos-filled epic ‘We Walk Without Fear,’ proving that Primal Fear are just as capable of deeply stirring emotion as they are of making the trope of Metal songs about Metal (‘In Metal we Trust,’ anyone?) absolutely work for them.

So if you want to see the classic elements of Heavy Metal taken to the next level; an infusion of classic rock ‘n’ roll; and the next generation of Aussie Power Metal all coming together to take you on an unforgettable ride, these two shows are for you. Get your tickets now!