Neil Fallon for President of the United States of America? Yes please!

How To Shake Hands, the second single from Clutch’s 12th studio record, ‘Book Of Bad Decisions’ gives a little insight into what that might look like… watch the clip here:

How To Shake Hands traces its lineage back to Ry Cooder and John Lee Hooker via the song John Lee Hooker For President. In that song, Ry Cooder impersonates JLH giving a stump speech on what will happen when he becomes President.

Clutch’s original idea of covering the Ry Cooder song was soon abandoned as Neil Fallon said he couldn’t do the song justice. Instead, Neil put his own lyrics in the style of Ry Cooder/JLH to a new Clutch song which ended up becoming the fast-paced How to Shake Hands.

Each of the single releases from Book of Bad Decisions’ is accompanied by a Spotify playlist put together by one of the band members. In this instance, Tim Sult is responsible for surrounding How To Shake Hands with other songs to his liking: “Since Neil mentioned Jimi Hendrix and Bill Hicks in How To Shake Hands, I decided to make a playlist including both. Classic guitar playing meets classic comedy. What could go wrong?” Listen to Tim’s playlist here.

The album was recorded at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN by producer Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather) and consists of 15 new tracks.

Weathermaker Music will release two very limited 7” Picture Discs in addition to the album formats (CD, 24-page book with CD, 2xLP Standard Black, Limited Colored 2xLP, and 2xLP Picture Disc) – all will have the same 15 tracks.