Over the last year, Polaris has experienced quite an interesting ride full of ups. Not only did they release their debut album ‘The Mortal Coil’ last November and do a headline tour, they’ve played at Unify 2018, supported Parkway Drive on their ‘Horizons’ tour AND they’ve also been to Europe twice!

Now they’re looking at hitting the road next month for a headline regional tour with friends Justice For The Damned. Guitarist Rick Schneider was kind enough to take some time out of his preparation to speak about the upcoming tour. The first topic of discussion was about the excitement within the band to get back on the road next month:

“It’s very exciting because when you’re doing headline tours, there’s only so many you can do in a year. It’s nice to do something a bit more regional, even though a lot of people would probably admit it is a bit tame as far as regional goes. Mind you, it is our first foray into it; we haven’t even done a regional support before! So to play places like Geelong, Frankston and even our first time to Tasmania is really exciting. Plus the Miranda Hotel show is only about ten minutes from home, so it will be nice to play a smaller home town show compared to Sydney which is roughly a 45 minute drive away.”

Tickets have been in high demand, with three shows already sold out! When asked how he feels to hear that fact, Schneider declared “its pretty nuts! Even though we were pretty stoked having everything sell out on the album tour, we weren’t too sure how this one would go. It’s been a real confidence boost to know there are plenty of people wanting to see us in smaller, more intimate shows. It makes us excited to look into going more off the beaten path next time!”

Speaking about Polaris’ ride and growth so far, Schneider was asked if he ever foresaw ‘The Mortal Coil’ spring-boarding them to the heights that it has. Schneider quipped “you always hope for the best when you write an album, but you never know how it’s going to be picked up.” before going into further detail:

“Having Consume and The Remedy out before the album helped as they were doing really well, but the real big test was how the people responded. Unfortunately we were over in Europe the first week it was out, so we missed the hometown experience of how everyone felt! But the time we got back a month later, people were still messaging us so we could see the impact was still there, We were hoping that impact would carry through for the next year and so far we’re just blown away at how it’s gone!”

Along this regional tour, Polaris secured fellow NSW metallers Justice For The Damned as their national support. Giving a very indepth insight, Schneider explains “the last time we properly played together was on our EP tour back in 2016, so that was near enough two years to now. We’ve always seen them in the local scene going back four or five years now and we’ve always had a lot of respect for them! To have them on that tour was awesome and we’ve been waiting for that opportunity to present itself again. We’ve decided against having them on the major city runs as we wanted to spread the love and see who we could bring. Having this regional tour, it made sense to have them come along; they were straight on board and it’s going to be a great time!”

Schneider then gave a small insight into the local supports that will be playing, first pointing out “we’ve got all locals in Tasmania as Justice unfortunately couldn’t make it that weekend, but in Melbourne we have Pridelands, in N.S.W/Canberra we’ve got Diamond Constract and in QLD we’ve got Stepson. We’ve played with all those bands before, but it will be good to get to play with them again! Plus it makes it more interesting instead of having one act going around Australia, as we get a few different experiences and a wider dynamic across the tour.”

With Polaris having performed in a headline and support position this last year, this interviewer was curious if Schneider had a preference when it came to position on the bill. Schneider was very diplomatic with his answer, opening with “that’s a pro/con scenario where it depends on the show” before delving deeper:

“When we were in Europe the first time, we felt like it was a bit of a dud that we were opening; once we realised that there were seven bands playing after you including Never Say Die, our perspective changed. We could get our set out of the way and pack up before having a few beers with the other bands! When you’re headlining though, you get away with more stuff when it comes to production, the lights, the crew you bring along and more.


“We try to give a little bit of everything, whilst trying to remain somewhat faithful to our own vision. We all like heavy music but we don’t like breakdown after breakdown. We all like riffs, but we don’t like to be a technical band that has to sit in the one place all set. We just try to keep everything exciting and not sound like off the wall jazz; it’s a balancing act where we keep ourselves happy, keep fans happy and try to keep everything interesting/exciting!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Schneider was very quick to express his appreciation for fans:

“Thanks for the continued support! If you haven’t heard us, check us out; if you have, thank you very much again. We’re just stoked and incredibly happy to continue on with the rest of the year and keep moving forward.”