Prog Metallers Shattered Skies have burst back onto the scene with a bold statement of intent, and are taking no prisoners when it comes to regaining their place in the progressive music scene.

The quartet have just unveiled the debut single ‘You Will Know My Name’ taken from their forthcoming album called ’Muted Neon’. Prog Magazine premiered the video.
‘You Will Know My Name’ is about society’s desperate struggle and need to feel relevant and important, no matter the cost. More details on Muted Neon will be revealed in due course.

Shattered Skies are renowned for their synth-infused progressive metal with soaring theatrical vocals and colourful soundscapes. The new video single displays these quintessential Shattered Skies traits and can be seen and heard HERE

“You Will Know My Name was written as a reflection on society’s desperate and insatiable need for relevance.

Most of us in the developed world have a roof over our heads and food on our tables, so our worries and needs have adapted. Now we crave approval, importance, feedback and interactions to reassure us that we matter. It can be fame, likes, comments, notoriety, personal drama, financial success or a whole host of other self-aggrandising fetishes.

I am not solely pointing the finger outward with this song, it points inward too. Some part of me still can’t escape the compulsion to somehow seek out approval, acceptance or relevance, online and in everyday life.”

– Ian Rockett (guitarist, lyricist)

You can purchase/stream ‘You Will Know My Name’ at the following links:


About Shattered Skies

The nomadic band who moved from Ireland to the UK to pursue their musical career have faced varying obstacles that made them reevaluate what the band really stands for, as well as an adjustment in their sound and line-up over the past couple of years. Ian and Gerry talk about the struggles they faced with the identity of the band, personal issues and how they made it through the past couple of years.

“I think after a difficult couple of years, we were just in a weird place, as a band and as people. We felt a desire to take a break but still wanted to create at the same time, so we experimented with some new sounds and a different approach, but ultimately it wasn’t our best work, or a true reflection of Shattered Skies. I’m really grateful and excited that we found our way back to what this band is really about, because I genuinely feel this new album is our best work to date.”

– Ian Rockett (guitarist)

Gerry, the band’s frontman, is feeling positive about the future and talks about the band’s triumph over recent hard times.

“There’s a myth that artists need to suffer or be depressed to put out their best work, but it’s not quite right. The truth is we had to come out the other side of that struggle to create this. We’ve been through depression, anxiety, stress – we’ve moved countries, watched family have to rebuild their lives. We’ve watched the world go mad and celebrate it on 24/7 news channels. This album isn’t just about that struggle – it’s about the triumph over it.”

– Gerry Brown (vocalist)

Previous achievements from the band include performances at UK Tech Fest, Progpower Europe, Euroblast, Progressive Music Award nominations and more. They hope that with this new material they will reignite the interest in the band from fans old and new, and continue their path to success.

Shattered Skies are back in the game, and will reveal further details of their sophomore album in the coming weeks.

Stay Tuned for more on Shattered Skies.


Shattered Skies is

Gerry Brown – Vocals

Chris Borland – Bass

Ross McMahon – Drums, Synth Programming, Mixing

Ian Rockett – Guitar, Keyboards, Synth Programming, Backing Vocals


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