Candlebox with supports The Black Moods and Dierdre live at BLK, Scottsdale Arizona May 19 2018

Watching a crowd listening and singing along to Candlebox can almost be a religious experience.  However, most didn’t get to see the congregation watching the early sermon that Kevin Martin and the boys gave. Watching Kevin belt out songs like Bitches Brewin’, which he gave 110% during the rehearsal, to adjusting tempos in songs like Crazy, which is easily the best song off the new album Disappearing in Airports, and my personal favorite Happy Pills just thrills the small crowd lucky enough to have paid for this.  Playing out for an hour in the heat and sun is no easy task, but they came out not only to do that for a VIP session, but then came out again just a few hours later and played to a sold out crowd.  This show, which was at BLK Live in Scottsdale, Arizona, boasts a pool for concert goers so swim in bar and misters on its exclusive cabanas.  A really enticing cooling effect for those who want to spend a lot of money for privacy and to enjoy themselves. True fans packed the small area in the front all the way to the sides of the pool, to the back where people were singing along to every song.

Kevin came out and his vocals punched it into 5th gear immediately with Arrow. Backed by long time bassist Adam “The Kid” Kury, who is always energetic and charismatic onstage, and relative new comers to the group guitarist Brian Quinn, Island Styles (Jimmie’s Chicken Shack), and drummer Robin Diaz (Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman), they tear into their set with full vigor.  While the band makes the crowd rock even more with 10,000 Horses, the ever popular single You, and power train single Simple Lessons, Kevin’s voice is still as strong as ever.

He then woos the crowd with Sometimes , and even joins in with the band on guitar.  Robin carries the group on the drum kit with ease, and you can tell he is having a blast by occasionally speeding up the tempo, he plays like he has always been there.  Brian and Adam shared many moments jamming onstage in front of each other laughing and having fun, and Island carries solos in his own poised manners that he sees the crowd in front of him and on the side of the stage are just enthralled by watching him.  As the night goes on and the drinks are passed all around, you can see this crowd, who came to see a band who always plays with a dynamic all around intense style, are having a fantastic time.

As the setlist progresses, everyone knows what time is coming, and they are very respectful to not just chant for the hits, including the big one, and of course the closer, Far Behind, in which Kevin, as he always does, thanks the crowd for letting him do this for 25 years. He then pauses to listen to the sound of massive cheering. The crowd sings in unison, from the people partying in the pool, to the people at the bar, and everyone standing and sitting, you can tell he loves every minute of watching the crowd sing his song.  A song that if you know who Andy Wood is, makes you think of him every time.  All through the night he has told stories to the crowd, shook hands with the people squeezing together in the front, and even shared a drink onstage with everyone.  I have had the pleasure of meeting this band many times, performed with them, and have the pleasure of calling Kevin my friend.  They have the soul of a young band from Seattle, and even though there are different players, they have taken the songs as if they were their own, and came, and will come again, to take the stage by storm.

Review by T.Coco

Photos by Andrew Miller