The Frights have announced an August 24 release date for their new album, Hypochondriac’. The third full-length from the San Diego surf-punk band, ‘Hypochondriac’ is their Epitaph Records debut.

Today, The Frights have shared Me And We And I—a song whose candid lyrics, playful instrumentation, and bittersweet melody perfectly capture the tone of ‘Hypochondriac’.

‘Hypochondriac’ is the most comfortable I’ve been with a record thus far,” says Mikey Carnevale, vocalist/guitarist for The Frights. “I care a lot about these songs because they’re embarrassing and personal.”

Produced by FIDLAR frontman Zac CarperHypochondriac’ follows The Frights’ 2016 album You Are Going To Hate This’ and marks a period of major creative growth for the band (whose lineup also includes bassist Richard Dotson, drummer Marc Finn, and guitarist Jordan Clark).

“I had started to brainstorm where I wanted to go with this record basically the day we released ‘You Are Going To Hate This’,” says Carnevale. “At first, I overthought the hell out of it, due to coming down from the high of making our first real album in a real studio with a real producer. So it took about a year or so until I realized that I’m not special, and I just forced myself to sit down with an acoustic guitar. What came of that, I think, is a confessional album that I never assumed a band like ours would make.”