Review: Blood Worship – Death’s Omnipotence


Blood Worship, a bit of a mystery project that’s based in Sweden. There’s not a lot of information available, and it appears to be a project involving a guitarist named Martin Andersson, with Mikael Broman, both of Astrophobos and session drummer David Folchitto about a billion bands but is mostly known for his role touring live with Fleshgod Apocalypse.

When I picked this band for reviewing, all I knew about them really was that it was black metal, which honestly could have either been terrible or amazing given the amount of unknown black metal bands that sound like a toilet (in a bad way, not a kvlt way). Thankfully, this is not one of them.

This record sounds neither too raw or too produced and sits in that sweet spot between being authentically kind of trashy, and imperfect sounding and still being genuinely good song writing. Every time I listened to this EP I noticed something different stood out to me each time, things I didn’t notice on the first or second listen were jumping out at me, making me enjoy it more. The and the bands Facebook page has a criminal 75 likes for music this good.

For starters: That scream, a minute into the song Dirge of the Damned as the guitars begin to furiously tremolo, is awesome. One thing I immediately really like about this song is the vocal patterns.  Dissection is one band that come to mind when listening to Death’s Omnipotence. The melodies that carry the song forward are a traditional melodic black metal style that most people would associate with bands like Watain or MGLA, even the new UADA would be comparable.

Bass sits nicely in the mix, a gritty filthy tone, which at times is just abrasive enough to cut through the mix. One common complaint I have about black metal is the notion that you don’t need any bass, which I think is absolute nonsense because without it this record wouldn’t sound as well rounded.The drumming is great throughout this record and really, in this genre, you can’t afford to have lacklustre drums and what David does with this is nothing short of solid. While they aren’t doing anything overly revolutionary with this brand of black metal as a whole, and there are many similar sounding bands around already, Blood Worship are great at what they’re doing and I can imagine people will start to take notice of them once word get around about this EP.

I took way too long to review this one partially because every time I turned it off, I let it repeat over and over, and still wasn’t sick of it after a good few repeats. This is a great album as far as continuity and overall flow goes as well, it’s easy to just keep letting it loop but not get bored as the EP clocks in at 20 minutes. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s coming when a full-length record is released at some point in the future and am hoping they find a way to put a live lineup together and do some shows.

Grab your copy of Death’s Omnipotence out now HERE!