Sevsons are the four-piece from Sydney who just finished up supporting Dead Letter Circus on their Australian tour. They also have a new EP coming out and we were excited to chat with vocalist Rhys De Burgh on all things Sevsons, touring with Dead Letter Circus and musical influences.

First, we talked about the sound of Sevsons, and when asked to describe the band’s sound Rhys answers with “Um, a bit erratic, a solid mix between alt, pop and prog. It’s kind of an anomaly man.” He also went on to say “We have some great pop melodies going on in the new stuff, and then we’ve also got some sections with heavy guitars and fast drumming.” I then asked Rhys if he was to compare the band to someone in the music scene currently, who that would be. “We have had a few comparisons to Dead Letter Circus who we were just on tour with, so I guess maybe them.”

Next, I asked Rhys about the formation of Sevsons and how the band came together. “Chris (Doyle) and I originally got together doing a post-hardcore band, and then we kind of changed it to what it is now.” He also added “It was originally from a Facebook post and him looking for a vocalist and me saying ‘that’s me, lets go!” Not a bad way to start a band and a working relationship if you ask me!

We then had a talk about touring, and I asked how the tour support slot for Dead Letter Circus came about. “We have a little bit of a working relationship with the boys. Vinny (Clint Vincent, Dead Letter Circus guitarist) actually mixed our EP that’s coming out. We’re kinda on their radar.” Rhys also added “They’ve taken a little bit of a shine to us and our music. “It was a little bit of late notice. We only had about ten days to prepare for Sydney, and about seven days for Melbourne.” Still on the touring topic, I then asked if the Dead Letter Circus guys had taken the Sevsons boys under their wing a little bit. “So much so, we just literally sat down and shut up and just listened. They’re very good at what they do and they’re very professional in their approach.

It was now time to talk about song writing, and what the bands approach to that was. “It’s one of those things where it goes song by song. Sometimes we’ll jam out parts and then bring them together and Chris will flesh them out, or he’ll have a full song and then bring it to us.” Rhys also said “we’ve kind of got to a point where once we’ve settled on the instrumentation, I’ll bring the melody and the lyrics and we’ll sit down and work out how we can make it better.” He further went on to say “we’re trying to make it more of a group setting and more of a brain storm between all of us. Me, Chris and H (Harrison Zatschler, bassist) and we all end up writing each other’s parts sometimes.

Some people like to write lyrics on their own, or sometimes they’ll write them around others, I asked Rhys what his approach to it was. “It’s one of those things where I like to start it by myself so I can get an idea of what I want to get across. Now that I’m more comfortable with the other two I’m able to open up a little more with what I’m writing about.” Taking a breath, Rhys also said “With this past EP I’ve been able to open up a bit more now that we’re more comfortable with each other.”

The EP doesn’t yet have a release date, but I asked Rhys about it and what it was called. “Its something that’s really close to our heart but is untitled at the moment. I will say it has a very political focus and social commentary focus.” An EP is important for a band not just musically but artistically as well and Rhys also went on to say “It’s really reflected in the artwork as well as the songs.” So keep your eyes peeled for that one!

We went back to touring again and I asked Rhys what happened in the green room before the band takes to the stage. “We kinda just try and pump each other up. I mean once we’ve had our sound check we’re pretty happy and ready to go. We have the tradition of coming out to Wu Tang Clan.” With a laugh, Rhys answered with “If we’re not feeling that it’s Men At Work. Down Under is a classic tune!”

Each band has a different way of coming down after being on stage, and I next asked Rhys how Sevsons decompress after a show. “Straight off stage we talk about what went well and what didn’t. We go over really in depth what’s happened and how to fix things that went wrong, or how things went well. We want it to be the best it can be you know?”

Finally, I asked Rhys how he would pitch Sevsons to those that might not know who they are. “Wow, um, just unique. Unique. Sometimes I do struggle because we’ll be writing stuff and I’m like this isn’t us, but it’s us. We’re really big fans of Panic! At The Disco and we’ll incorporate similar things, I just have to say it’s a unique listening experience.”

If you haven’t yet looked up Sevsons, do yourself a favour and get on this band! Keep up with them online here!