I had the opportunity this week to catch Sebastian Bach in concert. Bach well-known for his huge voice and being the front man of Skid Row during their heyday in the late 80s and early 90s. Bach has also done three solo albums and did quite a bit of work of television and even some movies. He recently just released a book called “18 and Life on Skid Row” which I highly recommend if you are interested in the American metal scene in the 80s. The Nectar was sold out on this night and the place was ready to rock. This had been the first time I had covered a show here. It is a nice club, but a very weird shape. All and all not too bad for a show.

Bach on this night would feature mostly Skid Row songs, but tossed in a couple of solo tracks and some covers as well. The first thing that really impressed me was Bach’s vocals. He is fifty years old and having seen a lot of the 80s metal vocalists over recent year, a lot of them can’t sing like they used to. That is certainly not true with Bach. He still has that huge voice and incredible range that made Skid Row such a success. He commands the stage with such a menacing presence, but you can tell he is also having a great time, flashing a smile here and there.

The show started with the Skid Row classic Slave to the Grind. Right off the bat you could tell this was going to be an in your face metal show. Bach was on fire with his soaring vocals and his band shredding the metal. It was a perfect opening song and the crowd was immediately fired up. Also, early in the set was the mega-hit 18 and Life. This has always been one of my favorite songs for the 80s metal scene and has to be one of the hardest to sing. This would be the song that would let us know what Bach could still do vocally. He did not disappoint as the song was perfect. He crushed the high vocals and the power vocals that really make this song stand apart. A friend that went with me that is just a casual fan was completely blown away by how good Bach was on this song.

As the show continued we had to have the required 80s power ballad. I Remember You would fit the bill perfectly and was also executed well. You could tell the crowd was really eating up all these classic songs that bring back a flood of memories back to a younger day when music ruled our lives. Sweet Little Sister is another great Skid Row song that might not have been a huge hit, but it was great live. The song has a great groove to it and was a welcome addition to the set list.

The show was now coming to its conclusion and what a finish we were in store for. It started with another Skid Row classic Monkey Business. I just love the intro to this song and Bach’s band nailed it. His band was right on target all night and put on a great performance. Next up was the surprise of the night to me. A cover of Motley Crue’s Shout at the DevilBach sounded more like Vince Neil then Neil himself. Bach tore this song a new one and had the whole venue going crazy. It was an amazing performance by Bach on this song. Definitely a highlight of the night! The show finished with Skid Row’s massive hit Youth Gone Wild. Another song that Bach tore through with perfection to close out an incredible night of music.

When I go see some of my favorite bands and musicians from the 80s American Metal scene, you are never quite sure what to expect. With line up changes, band members who have passed away or they just don’t sound like they used to, you are never sure what to expect. Well this night did not disappoint in any way. Bach brought it vocally, performance wise and was quite personable all night. He still delivers the goods live and if you are a fan of Bach’s, do not miss this tour!

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Photos by Eric Pefley