It takes a lot of courage to do an EP or album solo and only a few artists have really succeeded. The legendary Dave Grohl created the first ever Foo Fighters album by himself, going backwards and forwards, recording each instrument separately by layering two tapes. Lately Boy Eats Girl has succeeded in recording multiple, intense albums with intricate instrumentals layered to create something grand. Now we have Storyboard Concept who has tried doing this for his latest EP ‘ZYGOTT’. Did he succeed in what only a few others have done? Well, no.

Colin Rodger began his journey as Storyboard Concept after Pyrene and has been hard at work making this EP but should have taken some more time to make sure things sounded right. Rodger is highly capable on the guitar and shows it from the start with ‘The Flat Part One (The Welcoming)’ but it seems that all Rodger really understands is the guitar and in some parts, the bass. It felt like a chore in the end to make it through all seven tracks of what felt to be a very long EP because it felt like everything was everywhere and there was no real structure to what was being presented.

If this were purely an acoustic instrumental album, this would be one of the most soothing albums I’ve  listened to as everything else was chaotic. The drumming tracks sounded so electronic and rigid. It was similar to that which you would hear as the tempo drum track on a keyboard or synthesizer. It was far from natural and just felt tacked on to make that it felt like a band was present but it didn’t come off that way. Even in a track like ‘Master Tracker’, the drums just felt like they were just slapped on top of everything instead of being the backbone of what was being played.

After saying all that, however, all that can easily be excused when it comes to the main downside to this EP. It’s quite easy to hear that Rodger was a guitarist first and foremost and is proficient in other instruments. Instruments though, are not vocals and to put it bluntly, Rodger just cannot sing. Often off key or just sounding completely out of place, his vocals did not come across well. If he was to do something akin to that of Bob Dylan then his vocal range would suit. Trying to make a heavy EP though just doesn’t mix. It’s also low quality recording for vocals compared to that done with the guitar and bass.

To put it all honestly, ZYGOTT feels like an album that’s been recorded on Garageband on the iPad and then constantly tweaked to feel like an album due to the quality overall provided. If it was done through a professional studio with quality microphones and equipment, then maybe it could have been successful as the lyrics suited the music on offer. It just lost so much though through lack of quality, electronic drumming and subpar vocals. Who knows though. Maybe Storyboard Concept may come through with the good in the future and sound better.

As I said at the start though, Storyboard Concept is definitely a courage project for Rodger that just doesn’t work well.