Melbourne band Bridge The Border has only been around since 2015 yet it seems with their debut EP Congratulations, Everybody’s Gone that this band is on track to be a much larger act than what anyone could have realized back then. Even though they are local to the land down under, it seems that they have picked up a lot of inspiration from the US based punk and punk pop bands with accented vocals from Harley Nobelius. It seems that these boys aren’t just wanting to tear up Australia, but tear up the world.

It’s a decent sized EP with 5 tracks that sum up the sound that Bridge The Border have made their own. Kicking off the selection is ‘Places’ which, from the first riff and drum beat, gives you a feel of the early 2000’s nostalgia sound of punk pop. Heavy riffs, quick beats and fast paced. It definitely gives you the energetic feeling that came from those early to mid 2000 bands and Bridge The Border don’t stop that feeling throughout the whole EP. If you like Heroes For Hire or New Found Glory, this is definitely a band to be on your radar.

The EP does also bring in some local guests for two of the tracks. Belle Haven’s guitarist Christopher Vernon makes an appearance for ‘Congratulations’ and Cassie Sutton from TERRA has a main vocal section in ‘G.O.O.N’. It does always help for a band looking to make their break with an EP grab some help from bands that have played large shows and have a fan base that would suit the style of music on offer. It has to be said that, out of the two track, Sutton’s vocals in ‘G.O.O.N’ are superb and really compliments the vocals on hand from Nobelius.

The main downside with the EP is that it’s only that. An EP. With what Bridge The Border have to offer it’s easy to see that, if they were to do an album, they would have an easy seller. The energy and adrenaline is contagious that by the end of the EP, you still have so much more to give but it’s all over . This left this reviewer wanting a lot more than just the five tracks. It’s kind of like they are selling themselves a little short or are wanting more fans before they lay on us what could be one of the best pop punk albums to come out of Melbourne, let alone Gippsland.

That being said, however, the drumming from Darcy Handley, the bass work from Ryan Qualizza and the guitar work from both Jake Van Roy and Nobelius are on point throughout all the tracks. Even with the EP so short, they put 110% into everything and it shows. It’s an EP that you will have on repeat and one that, I hope, will translate into being absolutely incredible live. For being a small time band from a small area in south east Melbourne, the world is theirs to conquer and if Warped Tour ever resurrects here in Australia, this will be one band I would want on the lineup!