Little is known about new Finnish metal band Neorhythm other than it enjoys stargazing and making listeners’ eardrums bleed.  Their self-released debut album, ‘Zetetic’, takes people on a 10-song trip through the cosmos, touching on physics, dark matter and myriad other sci-fi themes, and opens just as it closes – with unrelenting aggressiveness from all sides.  

They create an air of mystery by withholding their names and faces for their first release, further intriguing the listener by including bits of thrash, groove, math and prog metal throughout.

Neorhythm thumps people from the very first song (Molten Mind), overlaying mid-tempo, catchy riffs and earthy bass notes with screaming and growling vocals.  Up next is the best track, Second Chance, which utilises the formula to its full potential.  It’s friendly to the ears but still packs a punch before coming down from its high toward the end with a nice breakdown.

Golden Mean is up there with Second Chance in its catchiness and musicianship, plus it adds some alien and combat vibes suited to an apocalyptic videogame like Doom.  There are other songs here which show off Neorhythm’s talents.  Matrix Sleep is a pleasure to consume thanks to the interesting guitar work.  

Aside from most of the songs sounding like half-power jackhammers on concrete, there are some softer sections of whispering, as well as some slick guitar solos.  Spurts of Gojira’s progressive brilliance can be heard throughout ‘Zetetic’, but the newcomer’s album doesn’t quite strike the right balance of light and dark.  In isolation, the vocals and instrumentation are excellent, but the lack of variety between songs can wear down the listener.

Taking on space is no easy feat, being covered by metal bands before, but ‘Zetetic’ is different enough to be a good palette cleanser from the countless albums about Vikings, toxic relationships, heaven and hell, and capitalism.  Space allows the listener to breathe and contemplate their tiny part in the universe.  Neorhythm adds some extra-terrestrial life to the trip and the result is a fresh, progressive metal album they can be proud of.

Whoever they are, Neorhythm comes out swinging with their first record, never letting their level of intensity drop.  A bright future awaits the mystery band.

You can pre-order ‘Zetetic’ HERE.