Newcomers from Dortmund, Germany Mutant Proof have recently released their debut self-titled album. Stated on their website they are breaking the narrow-minded patterns and standing out by delivering a fresh set of rocking melodies, punky rhythms, metallic riffs and politically relevant lyrics.

I’m going to take a seat, listen and take in their “great earworm potential” and let you know if they’ve made a good entrance or not. Let’s check it out.

The album kicks off with a song titled Flames Are Calling, we’re immediately greeted with a catchy guitar riff that leads with it the bass, drums and eventually vocals. Upon first impression I can hear that the vocals are a little underwhelming, they’re good enough in tone and style but they’re not very powerful which I feel like lets the music down a little, as the music itself is an awesome track full of catchy instrumentals. Next up is Gimme Some Time and it starts with a deep, eerie metal guitar riff followed by the vocals, which again seem to lack the power we’re getting from the song. That aside, the guitar, bass and drums really shine and provide a fairly banging chorus, although the rest of the song is a little slow and un-exciting. Next is The Drowned Goddess, now this one starts with very cool bass and guitar riffs that actually showcase highs and lows and build up as they go on, which pays off as the song kicks in. 

Not Your Affair is the fourth song on the album and it begins with an awesome intro blasting out of the gates and as the vocals come in, the song mellows out but has a distinct buildup. Once the chorus kicks in everything shines and clicks, the vocals actually have power behind them and work beautifully accompanying the melodic guitar and quick paced drum beat, this song was a delight.

Brave The Storm is up next and it differs from the other songs by being a softly played ballad. Guitar opens the song and plays throughout the song with a simple riff which is followed by softly sung vocals, and soft, smooth drums. As everything comes together, the song rises into the chorus and the first chorus isn’t much, but the song builds up enough that by the end it pays off, it also features a pretty great solo.

The sixth song on the album is Ravished Girl which really has an alternative rock feel, it’s got a deep chugging bass sound with chaotic distorted guitar reverberating every few bars. Similar to the last song, it’s a little slow but it builds into a pretty alright song. Next up is Misery For Free and this one opens with a intro riff and verse that has a strong bassy presence and a repeating chugging guitar riff. It’s a bit of an anthem song with a drum beat almost reminiscent of a marching band and chanting backup vocals. Eight out of ten on the album is Mother Earth, which is opened by a quick paced shredding guitar riff and a slamming drum beat. It goes back and forth between mellowing out and blasting that hard and fast energy from the intro, making for a song that likes to stop and go. The chorus pays off fairly well in this song.

Into The Void is next up on the list and it starts with a satisfying bass and guitar combo before kicking into the verse with a short, sweet melody. The chorus kicks in hard and pays off with a catchy tune full of some of the best vocal melodies on the album and some really good guitar riffs, as well as a guitar solo and a smooth key change in the final chorus.

Finally we come to the last song on the album, This Barren Land and it starts out with a light, dreamy guitar riff followed by jovial vocals. This dreamy lighthearted tone carries the song through its entirety. Once it kicks in it sounds a little bit messy and out of nowhere, it’s alright after the first chorus but unfortunately, the chorus feels stretched out and doesn’t really feel like the hook of a song and it really hurts not only the song itself but the ending of the album, because all the buildup kind of fizzles out.

You can purchase the Mutant Proof’s self titled album which is out now, HERE!