GEOFF TATE’S ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ 30th-Anniversary Tour Hits NY With a packed house and a sold out event, Revolution Music Hall in Amityville NY was the scene of a revolution taking shape. A pleasure to see the torch passed on from the likes of Chris Degarmo, Michael Wilton, Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson by the young talents of Kieran Robertson (lead guitar) whose playing and stage presence was spectacular, Scott Moughton’s (guitar) effortless lead was perfect, Josh Watts (drums) hard-hitting and a pleasure to see, and Jack Ross (bass) playing the melodic bottom end, and with the added talents of Bruno Sa on keyboards and guitar, you just knew this was going to be great!

Geoff’s daughter Emily Tate opened with her band Till Death Do Us Part, warming the crowd up and peaking the excitement of her Dad hitting the stage! A sultry beauty and loaded with talent, she also sang all the parts that were originally done by Pamela Moore as Sister Mary, a pleasure to see the two of them on the stage together!

Performing Operation Mindcrime in its entirety with a completely different band is sure to produce different results then what was released in 1988, and this band did not disappoint! All 15 songs on the album were played to perfection by young players who grew up on this stuff and were excited to be doing so, playing with a fresh perspective. Geoff was spot on and never lost his edge or the message he was sending. Everybody in this audience felt that at that place and time could very well be Nikki, the main subject of this rock opera Audience participation was delivered with enthusiasm and volume. After 60 minutes of Mindcrime, and a quick break, the band came back and Encored with a few off of the Empire CD: Silent Lucidity, Empire and Jet City Woman. Again perfection! At the end of the night , all said and done this show was a crowd pleaser we all went home nostalgic and happy! This tour is a must see!