Tired Eyes are anything but tired. The four-piece from Brisbane, Queensland are a brand new sound for your ears, heart and mind. Today they are rolling out the second track from their forthcoming EP ‘In Denial, Force a Smile’ (out Friday June 29, available for pre-order now) – called Outta Sight. Along with it comes a hard-hitting film clip that shows the band performing the track blindfolded – and STILL the emotion and power of the track shines through.

This Friday June 15, sees the new single go live in Spotify and Apple Music for streaming and pre-order purchasers at iTunes will get the single and their previous single A Place, A Space, A Symphony instantly with their order.

Vocalist Joey Keating said that “This song is very much so the embodiment of the EP. It’s written from the mindset of ‘In Denial, Force a Smile’. The song was originally written about a relationship that ultimately collapsed because of the denial of crucial issues that were swept under the rug and ignored. Though the facts were hard to ignore and even harder to talk about, love was the perfect denial. The song resolves in the weight of conviction leading to wisdom in action, even though wisdom feels too far gone.”

The band has really hit the ground running since its announcement – with spins on triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. program hosted by Josh Merriel, and Triple M’s Homegrown with Jane Gazzo, as well as rotation on The Faction, the band’s emotive and powerful performances are connecting and gathering steam with audiences.

They will support Aerials at The Foundry in Brisbane on July 20th at their single launch show. Though they are a new band, they have already played shows alongside Awaken I Am, Vitals, We Set Signals, Heists and Lifeblood. Tired Eyes’ versatility is their greatest strength – they are at home on a variety of lineups.