The Night Flight Orchestra are a swedish hard rock band formed in 2007 while associated act Soilwork were touring the USA. With a current lineup of eight members and three studio albums under their belt they’ve returned to unveil their newest album “Sometimes The World Just Ain’t Enough”, which releases on the 29th of June, 2018.

This album has a fairly large tracklist of 14 songs, so let’s conclude the introduction and chew our way through this unit of an album.

This Time is the first song on the album, it begins with a spacey intro that leads into the vocal wailing found in Power Metal. The vibe of the song overall is almost goofy and it just sounds like 80’s rock fun. There’s always something stimulating going on in the instrumentals including electronics, chugging guitar, shredding guitar and a tandem solo of guitar and piano which is just, incredible.

Turn To Miami, the second song kicks off with a synth piano intro playing alongside a distorted guitar riff. The vocals enter and have a smooth, melodic vibe to it, especially when accompanied by the backup vocals. The chorus hits and this song is immediately powerful, anthemic and motivational. It’s got all that fun charisma that you see in the likes of Queen and Journey and other similar acts of the 80s.

Next up, is Paralyzed. We’re warmly welcomed by a funky bass riff, guitar riff and drums, the vocals come in and carry the happy feeling song throughout the 5-minute runtime. The hook of the song is motivational, makes you want to run a marathon or box against Apollo Creed. The synth harmonies and jingling percussion really keep you jamming.

The titular song, Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough begins with a piano riff, that rolls on into a guitar riff. The vocals stay pretty mellow until it starts to build into the chorus, which hits hard and ends with a wailing high pitched chorus of vocals. This song is anthemic to the bone. It’s got a synth solo later on that gives a really happy sounding electronic portion to the song.

Crashing in abruptly, is the fifth song, Moments Of Thunder. It hits hard with guitars and drums before taking it back in the verses which are softly sung and have minimal instrumentation, but then soars back up to the chorus chanting the title of the song and creating a pure anthem. It’s not as high octane as the other songs, it’s more of a ballad but it’s still a fantastic song.

Coming in sixth is Speedwagon, it begins with a solid drum pattern and a satisfying guitar riff that continues rising into the chorus, which is a gorgeous culmination of all the instruments on a steady tempo that still gets you going. This track is full of little guitar licks and small solos.

Lovers In The Rain, the sweetly titled seventh song begins with a ringing out guitar riff, the bass and drums take the lead as the vocals come in and when the song hits its stride it doesn’t rise as much as it plateaus over and over in the chorus. The prominent presence of piano and synth really make this song feel bittersweet and powerful, helped even more so by the short but sweet guitar solo.

Can’t Be That Bad, the eighth song begins with a synth intro that leads into a shredding guitar part then distortion guitar and the drums kick the song into overdrive and set the tone. This song has a reserved energy about it that absolutely bursts when the chorus kicks in with quick paced vocals, hard hitting drums and electrifying guitar. My favorite part would have to be towards the end of the verse where it builds up to the crash of the hook.

The ninth track on the album is called Pretty Thing Closing In and it starts with a groovy, bluesy guitar riff, followed by pleasant chimes that usher in the vocals which have a funky, groovy tone. This song is more laid back and relaxed at the start and grows in intensity. The piano works beautifully here.

The tenth song, Barcelona begins with a high energy guitar riff that amps you up and is bound to get shoulders bopping. The vocals and backup vocals intertwine in this song nicely to give a choir sort of sound. This song certainly isn’t the most fun on the album, but it’s still a steadily rising powerful rock tune that is very reminiscent of Queen.

Winged And Serpentine is the eleventh song and it starts with a quick flick of the piano and then a intro lead by distortion guitar. The vocals and piano are the biggest presence in this song, the chorus has a repeating, start-stop kind of tune. This song really features all of the electronic piano charm of the 80’s rock style and it finishes with a bang.

The last song, titled The Last Of The Independant Romantics is a 9 minute monster of a song. It starts with a subtle piano riff, later joined by vocals and a resonating guitar riff. The song progresses into higher octanes as the song goes on. The vocals become more intense, the guitar shreds harder and the drums become more pronounced. This continues for many minutes and just keeps the jams coming until a break occurs and the song gets more mellow and melodic before a lengthy guitar solo with multiple tones plays, then a choir of wailing vocals and lastly a violin to finish the whole album.


‘Sometimes The World Just Ain’t Enough’ Is Out On June 29th, Pre-Order It HERE!