Calling all fans of classic thrash metal, do you love Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer or Anthrax? Then oh my… you’re going to love Infrared. This thrash metal band originally formed in 1985 but in 1989 parted ways due to “life happening”. 27 years later the group re-joined and finally made their original demos come to life in the form of “No Peace”. Fast forward to 2018 the Canadian thrashers have released their album “Saviours” and I’ve been graced with the opportunity to share my thoughts, so here we go!

This record kicks off with Project Karma and what an aggressive and hard hitting opener this one is. Starting off with some cool head banging riff work very reminiscent of early Metallica, most notably the “Ride The Lightning” era. The vocals finally kick in after a 2 minute long intro, but at least there was a chilling guitar solo to open.

There isn’t a lot to say about the next track The Demagogue other than it reminds me of Megadeth. But moving on to Saviour, this one opens with chilling bells before blasting into a very interesting sounding riff, definitely a much more experimental sounding track with a really thick bass tone and one of the stand out songs.

The Fallen is a nice welcome change of pace being a much slower tune with pretty sounding clean electric guitars. This one eventually picks it up a bit with distortion but unfortunately that’s it really, this one is good but I found myself getting bored and just waiting for the next one.

All In Favour is next and oh my… does this one just instantly kick you in the ass? Hell yes it does. Coming in with a fast paced riff and an insane face-melter of a solo, this is one of the more heavy tracks on the album. You can really hear their Slayer and Anthrax influences coming through on this one as I’ve been head-banging for the last 30 seconds without realizing. The chorus is catchy and is definitely the most stand-out track on the whole album.

Unfortunately there is not a lot to say about the last three songs, while They Kill For Gods does have a very evil and groovy sounding guitar riff, nothing overly stood out to me and the one thing I look out for when listening to new music is originality and this one simply lacked.

Father Of Lies also has that evil tone to it, but unfortunately I found myself losing interest pretty fast as it just started to sound like the rest of the album.

Genocide Convention is another fast and aggressive track and you can hear that Infrared channeled their Anthrax influences for this one, but while this is still a fairly decent track it falls short with its lack of originality much like They Kill For Gods and Father Of Lies.

While I personally wouldn’t go back and listen again, I can happily say that if you’re a fan of that classic balls to the wall thrash metal sound then you will most certainly get a kick out of Infrared’s “Saviours”.

“Saviours” is a prime example of what thrash metal is and what it should always be. These Canadian thrashers have stayed true to the sounds they knew when they were in their earlier years and have bought that sound back to the modern era.