Art As Catharsis is proud to announce Perth doom-gaze act Skullcave’s debut full length, ‘FEAR’ – an ambitious, qualitative blend of thick doom, dreamy instrumentals and layered vocals.

Bursting forth with groaning 90s vocals, cyclic riffs, textured layers and near ritualistic instrumentals, Fear to Hide, is the impressive first single off ‘FEAR’. Elaborating on the concepts that Skullcave have mastered in the lead up to the release, the song bears both a lingering beauty and a gritty finish. The guitar’s tone sometimes simmers with a subtle tonal sigh, challenged by pure heaviness later in the song. It all culminates into something both beautiful and delicate, yet haggard and callous – a war within itself.


If ‘FEAR’ has one lesson to teach Australian music, it’s that there’s still life and variety in doom metal. The juxtaposed elements of genres, instrumentals and inspirations click together as naturally as two conjoining bones – at no point does the music’s sublime flow feel jaunted or rough. Between the grimy yet beautiful instrumentals and adventurous vocal work, it’s not a stretch to say there’s something in here for everyone – especially those with a taste for versatility and respect for composition.

Skullcave’s first single, Fear To Hide, is available now HERE