Very few bands have as an insane a first year as Melbourne’s own In Deception. From supporting well known Australian acts like Deez Nuts, to releasing an explosive EP ‘Lore’, it seems it was full steam ahead for this crew. We at Overdrive were very lucky to catch them during their downtime of gaming to have vocalist Andrew Burnham tell us more about drummer Jordan Ley, bassist Matthew Paxton, guitarists Nathan Spikin and Mitch Turner (who also supports in vocals), and how they became In Deception through to releasing ‘Lore’.

“(We) all went to school together, all enjoy gaming, all have varied musical tastes, all tradies,” which seems to show why they get along so well as a band. Nothing better than having something close to their hearts. Though with close friendships come secrets. When asked how they came up with the bands name, we got just that. “It’s a secret.”

Though it wasn’t all just jumping head first into the deep end. “Before going into the studio… Practice! Practice! Practice!” It shows throughout the EP that these boys have put in the hard yards. After getting a hearty 9/10 for ‘Lore’, it seems that all that practice paid off.

‘Lore’ has been a big hit for the boys but with every album name comes a story. “‘Lore’ seemed fitting since it means exchanging stories through word of mouth, and we wrote these songs first, because we felt this is the message we want to make. There is no one narrative; the themes seem so primitive and raw, but most importantly, it applies to everyone.” With the diversity of the album, it was easy to see they were right.

But with diversity comes sound for the future and what we should expect a little more of. “Probably the song Icarus showcases most of the different styles that are played throughout the EP. Not necessarily the theme but definitely the playing styles,” Burnham answered, “We all do our fair share of writing; it’s never left to one person. We all have different influences and we like to incorporate that in to the writing process.” With an all hands on deck approach, it explains how everything is so eclectic in an EP that’s only 5 tracks long, yet has the power of an album.

There has been one thing that has been bugging listeners, however. What the heck does ‘O.P’ and ‘GG’ mean? Other than ‘original poster’ and ‘good game’, it’s left people baffled. “When we come up with an idea, we’ll crudely record it and send the draft throughout the band. The problem is that we eventually run out file names and that’s where ‘O.P’ and ‘GG’ came from. We liked the draft names so we just kept them”. We would never have guessed that but it’s definitely a unique way of coming up with track names. It makes a person think if there are other beloved tracks that may be named in a similar fashion but I never begged to ask.

Now with the ‘Lore’ released, In Deception are looking to the future. “We’ll be doing an Australian tour with an international tour on the horizon. On top of that, there’s going to be a whole lot of writing for a future album and maybe a single as well.” Looks like these boys are going to be very busy and with the prospect of an album and single, there’s no telling how far and how big In Deception will get.