Playing the last show of their resounding “This War Is Ours” 10 year anniversary tour, Escape the fate absolutely demolished The Triffid in Brisbane last night on the 3rd of June. Playing their acclaimed “This War Is Ours” album in full, as well as treating fans to a few bangers from other albums, everyone in attendance last night ended their weekend on an undeniable high note. Courtesy of the band’s passionate fans, the Brisbane show quickly sold out and the enthusiasm in ticket sales was more than palpable upon arriving at the venue.

Even on a chilly Sunday night, the queue of patiently waiting punters snaked down the road and around the corner; Brisbane was clearly ready to rumble. Once inside, the small aircraft-hangar venue was overwhelmingly busy, packed with fans overflowing from the pit floor into the outdoor bar area where drinks flowed freely amongst the over-age concert-goers. It was clear from the get-go that the night was about to turn into a wild, sweaty mess .

Ramping up the excitement after finally touching base in their home city after accompanying Escape The Fate across Australia for this spectacular tour, support acts Awaken I Am and Between Kings proved to be an excellent pick to kick the night off.

Bringing a heavier alternative rock vibe with deeply emotive songs, Brisbane 5 piece Awaken I Am hit the stage with a bang. With pop-laden choruses made memorable by their vocalist’s incredible singing abilities, Awaken I Am was an obvious crowd pleaser as the audience danced with gleeful abandon. Their performance turned highly emotional when their vocalist delivered the heartbreaking news that their guitarist had passed away in a car accident just 2 weeks ago. Many people in the already supportive crowd were moved to tears inspired the audience to give the band as much energy as they could for the remainder of their set. Awaken I Am walked offstage to deafening chants of “One more song!”, and the knowledge that they had touched the hearts of everyone in the venue that night.

As the Crescendo of the night approached, the 18+ punters stocked up on alcohol and began pushing to further fill the already crowded standing area. The volume of the crowd rose to a fever pitch as My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” and Queen’sBohemian Rhapsody” blared over the speakers, eliciting singing and dancing from the hyped-up audience. Finally, the lights dimmed and everyone roared in unison as Escape The Fate sauntered onto the stage for their final show of the Aussie tour. The band wasted no time in launching straight into the opening song from “This War Is Ours“, stirring the crowd into a frenzy that only deepened as their set powered on. Climbing onto the barrier at times to get closer his fans, vocalist Craig Mabbitt gave as much energy as he received all night whilst the stage was a whirlwind of movement and crushing sound from each band member.

As they played through crowd favourites like “We Won’t Back Down” and “Ashley”, the audience was screaming along with deafening force and jumping for the sky, while their title track, “This War Is Ours”, invited a brutal wall of death as the mosh pit showed it’s appreciation for Escape The Fate’s heavier songs. Their first encore heralded the end of their album play-through, leaving just the crowd favourites to be played.

The pits opened up once more for songs like “Gorgeous Nightmare” and “Ungrateful”, with Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft’s blistering guitar solos lighting up the stage with raw talent. All too soon after their second encore, it was time to say goodbye to our emo heroes of old… And what better way to see the night out than with Escape The Fate pulling out their very own cover of “Dead!” by the forefathers of emo, My Chemical Romance. The audience went insane, drowning out Mabbitt’s vocals with their own joyful singing as the night ended with just as much wild enthusiasm as it had started.

After the explosive night witnessed here in Brisbane, it was amazing that the roof of the Triffid wasn’t completely blown off in an attempt to contain the craziness that Escape The Fate brought along with them. Regardless of structural integrity, Escape The Fate at The Triffid last night will be remembered for a very long time, and rightly so. Bring on their next album, and hopefully another Aussie tour soon!