Trigger have proven themselves a rising force in the Melbourne Metal scene with the release last year of their debut album ‘Cryogenesis,’ and they’ve since taken very little time to rest as they’ve plundered every stage they can. Guitarist and songwriter Luke Ashley took some time to have a chat about the band’s upcoming shows, and how work is progressing on their next album.

The band’s next show will be supporting The Iron Maidens at the Corner Hotel on June 1st with Envenomed, who Ashley describes as, “another really fond local act of mine. We’ve been playing a lot of Iron Maiden lately, not that we ever don’t play a lot of Iron Maiden. This is a real fun one for us. We got that through Black-Roos Entertainment, who are fantastic. Michael Lueders, an awesome local booker and organiser. Yeah, absolutely stoked for that one. Gonna be popping our Corner Hotel cherry! I think it’s a 700-capacity venue. So yeah, really excited to finally announce that. Just doing pre-sales now, $50 tickets. That’ll be our next show. Just gotta make sure we’ve got a plan, find the right songs for that crowd! I think it won’t be too much of a hassle, just find all the twin guitar harmonies,” he chuckles.

After that, Trigger will be playing the inaugural show for OVERDRIVE TOURING’s Forge Live Metal Nightclub. Ashley reflects, “The idea of a Metal nightclub has been something that, in our scene, has been sorely missed for a while with BANG sort of turning into a different audience. We have other more Goth nightclubs like Devils, Fang, that cater to that scene, but it’s something that’s sort of a missing link. The more party-focused, cover shtick is something I’m really keen to vibe off. It suits my Hawaiian agenda to a tee. We’ve got some more classic Metal material, as well as a few curveballs. Just keep the party going is the motto! Just being able to connect with punters and parties is a pretty unique thing to feel as a performer.”

Aside from playing live, Trigger have also kept themselves busy with the release of their latest music video for The Divide. “Yeah, that was absolutely brilliant. We called our local funny-man Connor O’Keane for that one, Imperium Pictures, of Triple Kill. I absolutely love their shtick and their humour, I find I relate to it very strongly as well. It was a real easy choice. The angle that we took for that was to find a more relatable point for people. There’s a lot of grim-dark in Metal, and we’ve found that the people have responded best when we’re at our least serious. In concept, we’re storytellers, but as entertainers people come home from a hard week and they have one night out, they want to make it count, and we want to make it the best that we can. So we wanted to deliver that through our media as well. Just bright, colourful, here for a good time, not for a long time sort of attitude. We’re taking glam back,” he laughs.

With a new album on the way, Ashley provides an update on the exciting progress the band are making. “We have our concepts almost fully fleshed out at this point, so we’ve structured the album. We know what we’re going to write, how we’re going to write it. Now we just have to make sure that all the riffs match. It’s almost like a jigsaw at this point. We have all the pieces in front of us, and we’ve got a lot of material scoped out, we’re just piecing it together to make sure that all the music fits cohesively with the story. So it’s a very different approach to our previous material. The only time we’ve written like this before was through Tethered to the Tide and our final track off ‘Cryogenesis,’ Veins of Ambrosia, and both of those songs seem very well-received. So we feel like we’re on a real winner with that writing process, so we’d like to continue it and push it forward into our next chapter. More of a storytelling aspect, making sure that the music really takes hold with the vocals and serves almost as an OST (official soundtrack), in a sense. As long as it riffs, as long as it’s still a tune.”

In terms of continuing the storyline of the Nephilim from ‘Cryogenesis,’ Ashley adds, “Absolutely, it certainly does. It’s going to be very focused around the Greek pantheon in particular, Prometheus, and all the sins of humanity at play.”

Though ‘Cryogenesis’ was released only last year, Ashley articulates some clear changes the band will be making based on what they learnt. “For myself, I can’t speak for all members, our writing process was to lay all guitars down before; I believe we laid drums down last after guitar and bass. We really tried something a bit different. We didn’t mind that process, but I think we’ll fall back to making sure the drums are done first, as it does really help with keeping the bass groove in with the drums, making sure that that rhythm section works cohesively together. So we’re going to go back to our initial recording process there. In terms of songcraft, focusing on that Tethered style of songwriting, and also we’re going to be stripping songs back to about three minutes apiece, looking to far shorter songs, and just have far more songs on there. So they’re more easily digestible, but together they tell a larger story, so they’re going to be set up almost like movements in a larger piece. So we can choose on a live bill, if we only have three minutes left to play, we can fit a number of songs in there. If we’ve got six or nine minutes left to play, we can chuck three movements of one full song in. So have the songs intermingle, yet work well enough on their own to be separate pieces. Much like that jigsaw idea.”