It is interesting to me how many bands I have been reviewing and listening to that are out of Italy lately. It appears there is quite a symphonic, Celtic and folk metal culture there that has been off my radar. That has certainly changed this year. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the new album by MaterDea entitled “Pyaneta”. MaterDea has been around since 2008 and this is their fifth studio album release, so they are veterans to the industry. It really shows in the quality of the production on the album, especially with so much going on in each song. You have female vocals predominantly, but also male vocals in support and even some children singing background vocals. The amount of different instruments is quite amazing! We have guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, violins and cello. The band started when vocalist Simon Papa and guitarist Marco Strega collaborated on a Celtic soundtrack for a short movie. From there they started working on writing music and MaterDea was born.

The album starts with the track Back To Earth. This song starts with some eerie music and a dire message to the children of earth. The guitars explode in with keyboards in support. The music has a great feel to it. The guitars and keyboards playing off of each other quite well. Papa’s vocals kick in and they start out with a real symphonic feel, but quickly turn to an in your face metal style. She shows such a wide range of singing ability on this opening song. We also have some male vocal in support that fit perfectly into the song. This six-minute epic has just about everything a song can have. In fact almost all the songs on the album run five to seven minutes. We also get a great guitar solo in this song. The chorus is very catch as well. It is a great way to start off the album.

Neverland is another song that really stood out to me. Once again we have a bit of an eerie opening. This song is a little softer than Back To Earth. It gives Papa a chance to really showcase her voice. We also get a children’s choir doing backing vocals which is done quite nicely. The music in the song, especially in the middle really delivers that Celtic vibe. I really love that a lot of metal is adding that Celtic sound to their albums. Once again another strong chorus really carries this song. The song actually feels quite lively overall.

Legacy Of The Woods is another favorite of mine. The song starts literally with the sounds of being in the woods. It is very relaxing. Papa starts in with her softer vocals and they draw you in to the song. The music is melodic and easy to listen to. Then the guitar starts to slowly build and the song jumps up several notches. Now more of a rock song, with a lot of keyboard to support it. Once again we also have male vocals that really add to the song before it fades back out to the sounds of the woods.

Metamorphosis is another song that really kicks it up. A quick guitar opening that leads into Papa’s singing. The song moves forward at a nice pace and is just mixed so perfectly between the vocals and all the instruments. It is another song to me that just feels good to listen to. It is almost what I would call easy listening metal. All the songs are so well done that the flow to them is just perfect. We get treated to another serious guitar solo in this song that I love. As we get to the conclusion of the song it feels like the song has really taken off.

Overall this is a very good album. There is not a lot here that is new to this genre of music, but that is fine because it is so well done. Every part of this album is perfectly executed. The musicians, production, mixing, it just all comes together to make a really good album that you will enjoy listening to for a long time to come. “Pyaneta” will be release on June 8th in Europe and July 6th in North America on Rockshots Records.

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