Legendary heavy metal hitters Trauma have lived throughout the heavy metal scene in the 80s releasing metal classics on their album “Scratch and Scream”, re-emerging and releasing again in 2015 and now in 2018 they’re back to thrash the scene again with their new album “As The World Dies”. Released on May 23rd, we’re going to take an in-depth look at it so without further ado, let’s rock.

The first track, The Rage, begins with a pleasant wave of strings, followed by a distorted kick of string bends, bass and drums. The vocals come in and you can instantly tell this is a heavy metal band from the 80’s, it’s wailing and full of attitude. The song is satisfying as a metal hit, albeit it’s not the most memorable.

Second track, From Here To Hell starts with a thrashing intro which stays consistent into the verse. The guitar is a constant pulse throughout the song, the drums are fast and powerful and the song as a whole has a very fast feel to it.

The titular track, As The World Dies begins with a very doomed kind of feel due to its very slow distorted guitars that usher in the bulk of the song, which also carries this doom feel. The vocals that follow are very Sabbath. The verses offer a lot of diversity which is great for an album to not feel bland.

Gun To Your Head is the fourth track, and it begins with quite a satisfying guitar intro and a verse that breathes a breath of fresh air into the album. The riffs and patterns that permeate the instrumentals here are very satisfying. Fast, hard and distorted.

The next track is Last Rites and it has a real metal ballad feel, the drums do well to build the intensity in this song as they build up and mellow out where needed. The vocals echo and wail brilliantly in this one and the guitars have a shredding guitar riff and a solo to match.

Run For Cover, the sixth track begins with acoustic guitar surprisingly. The acoustic is soon joined by electric guitar that rings out into a thrashing heavy metal song as you’d come to expect from the album so far. This song probably has one of the better showcases of vocals on the album.

Next up is Asylum, which similar to As The World Dies has a real doomed feel to it and unsurprisingly it also sounds extremely Sabbath. The chorus is pretty anthemic with its easily recognizable lyrics and easily recognizable repetition, the bridge and solo are gorgeous in this song too.

Entropy, the eight track sounds like something much more from modern metal, actually reminds me of Alter Bridge quite a lot. The song is pulsing with the guitar and the drums a lot similarly to how From Here To Hell did it and most notably there’s a lot of swift shredding riffs on the guitar.

The ninth track, Cool Aid is a short song, being half the length of all the others. It’s repetitive and anthemic in that it chants “drink the cool aid.”, there’s nothing that spectacular in this song and anything it does have is featured in every other song.

The final track on the album, Savage begins sounding a lot more like hard rock than heavy metal, that eventually goes away as the metal seeps back in. Fast guitar, fast drums and that attitude that we’ve seen from Trauma before. A large portion of this final tune is purely instrumental, which lets you kind of zone out and immerse until the vocals return to close the song with the chorus.

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