H E X stream entire new album in full

Swiss industrial/psych group H EX have teamed up with Invisible Oranges to stream the entirety of their self-titled debut album. The album will be released tomorrow via Hummus Records.

The site commented “The key to Hex’s brutalist power is their approach to repetition. This isn’t the organic comping of improvisational music, or the steady development of post-rock; Hex’s repetition is cold and methodical. Hex pulls off the neat trick of seeming both manmade and inhuman. The band’s approach to rhythm is all straight lines and hard angles, as if they’d measured out their songs with a protractor. An insistent synthesized hums along underneath these sharp edges is which gives the material a mechanical quality. Once the band flips the switch on each of the four songs, it feels like the only thing that could stop them is the power going out or a manual override.”

Stream the album here: http://www.invisibleoranges.com/hex-hex/

Pre-order the album here: https://hummusrecords.bigcartel.com/product/h-e-x-debut-cd-t-shirt