Heavy Metal holds brilliance without needing justification, but when you combine it with hilarity and gut-wrenching laughter, it’s truly something to behold. Bands like Steel Panther, who turn performance into entertainment through overzealous stage props, on the fly punch-lines, and overall comedic mastery are vastly becoming more popular within the music community. Australia’s own Hammers are one of those bands who have picked up the larrikin mantle – their quirkiness adding a layer of depth to their performances which are, for lack of better words, f***ing hilarious!

OVERDRIVE Music Magazine recently caught up with Hammers’ own Lucas Stone, to discuss their upcoming EP “Homeblokes”, as well as their single Speak of the Devil – which is accompanied by a music video that is a true demonstration of Australian humour.

For those who might be unfamiliar with Hammers (I’m talking about the band, not the tool), Stone gave us a quick little summary that rounds up their personality remarkably well. He explained, “We’re just four filthy old ratbags leaving a stain anywhere between Byron Bay, Tweed Valley, GC (Gold Coast) & Brisvegas (Brisbane). We froth mammoth riffs & quality story tellin’, beer, Oceanside living, beautiful women, sexy blokes and a good ol’ fashioned chin blast at ya local.”

Their latest single Speak of the Devil, boasts ballsy riffs and oozes energy (although with these blokes, I’m scared to ask where the energy oozes from!). Stone spoke about how long the single had been in the works, and his overall thoughts on how it turned out. He explained, “Well, this a re-worked OG Hammers track. So a decent while. Fish wrote the nuts of it years ago. It became what it is now once I got my filthy mitts around it. Yep, we’re very happy with it and we’re pretty chuffed with what we’re about to drop, overall. Mad fun.”

When asked if there’s anything he’d change, if given the opportunity, the answer was pretty clean cut. He said, “Nup. No way. Haven’t even changed our jocks since we did it, let alone the track.”

A band’s processes when hitting the studio differs, and Stone was happy to give insight into how Hammers goes about their grind when putting the pieces of their brilliance together. He explained, “Nothing out of the ordinary, I don’t think? I write like a maniac, we get in a room and punch on ‘til we come out with a shiner of a track. We prep hard for tracking so there’s no dicking around and no time wasting. We don’t do pre-production. The vision is articulated fairly precisely but if anything wanders off while tracking, we kinda roll with it in the moment as well, if it’s catching a decent vibe. I’m very anal about the production of any record I’m involved in so as the boys will attest to, when it comes to our parts I bust everyone’s balls about having chops down, before we go in.
We also use a very good team. Big thanks to Foz, Zach, Jay & Mitch for that Midas Touch.”

As previously mentioned, the Speak of the Devil single is accompanied by one hell of a music video, painting the perfect scenes of Australian hilarity. When asked if the band wanted to specifically highlight their humour through their level of quirkiness, and outbound personalities, the answer was simple. Yes. He explained, “Yeah, we are what we are, man. Like a HQ Holden doin’ a 100 kms down the highway with no wheel nuts on. We’ll never grow up, so what you’re seeing in our videos is what you get. In the wise words of Poison, we love nothin’ but a good time. Sure, we plan the basis of what we do but the authenticity always rings true. All we do is take the piss out of each other and everything else. Yew’ing, full tilt.”

Stone is a man who loves to keep things clear, and concise – as simple as possible. When talking about their upcoming EP, “Homeblokes”, he summed up the process behind breathing life into the EP, and what fans can expect when they sit down and give it a listen very quickly. He explained, “Minimal thought, maximum fun. If we ain’t having a giggle or getting shivers it don’t make the cut. It’ll be bigger than Elvis’ hips mate. Buckle up.”

With the EP inbound, and the single bringing the band a lot of traction, Stone looks towards what the future holds for not only for himself, but for Hammers as a collective. He explained, “Not dying would be good, for me at least. I’m pushing 103 but the riffs are still falling out like my morning sh*t, so all clear for now. Once the EP drops on June 22, we’ll be playing Dead of Winter Festival up here in Brissy (Brisbane) with a tonne of awesome bands, then we take off on our own tour late July and August. Dates to be announced soon, watch this space!”

‘Homeblokes’ is available for pre-order on iTunes now!
Stream Dead Set and Speak Of The Devil on Bandcamp