Sydney’s own rock ‘n roll powerhouse, Lillye, have last week released their long awaited debut studio album ‘Evolve‘, following their recent signing to Eclipse Records. While they could often likened to Led Zeppelin, Halestorm, Heart and even Joan Jett, Lillye certainly aren’t the “next” version of any of these bands. In fact, they take all the best bits and still make their music their own, which can only be even better.

Pulling you in with a “Ready, set, GO,” ‘Evolve‘ opens strong, really setting the vibe for the rest of the record. This is a track with a real sense of energy, passion and urgency that is sure to please a wide range of listeners. ‘In The End’ showcases another side to Lillye – the groovy guitars and grungy vocals crossed with frontwoman Virginia Lillye’s trademark rap-singing, a stark contrast to the predeceasing track, capturing your attention and drawing you in, curious to find out what else the twisted world of Lillye holds…

Chained’ brings the groove factor to the forefront with some seriously catchy guitar riffs courtesy of guitarist and resident beard Matt Ellis, before an unexpected but very welcome twist towards the end of the track. ‘Brittle Glass’ is one of the standout tracks on the album, really grabbing your attention from the first line, having a much funkier vibe than the songs before it. Never fear though, while it starts off as possibly the slowest song in their catalogue, it very soon hits that same level of heaviness and catchiness this foursome do best.

Better Days’ begins with a bit of an ironic feel with just how dark and moody the intro is. Standout guitars laid over the solid and heavy-sitting drums and Lillye’s soaring vocals the icing on the cake, some may liken this track to somewhat of a grungy version of Evanescence, before exploding into that massive sound that these guys do so well. This is a song that is sure to grow on you more and more each time you listen to it. Stepping it down a notch, and perhaps giving you a chance to catch your breath, ‘Fire’ strips things back a little bit, allowing bassist Christian Lauria and drummer Bennet Livingston to show off their talents – well, until Ellis steps back in with sections of impressive Zakk Wylde style guitar riffs. This song really has it all, whilst still remaining simple enough to not be overkill.

It Is What It Was’ jumps straight back in to their infamous heavy sound with Lillye’s speed-singing making a comeback. ‘It Is What It Was’ is sure to be a staple of the band’s upcoming live sets, showcasing everything about Lillye that makes them, well, Lillye. Taking it up a step, ‘Take On Me’ speeds things up again and is another track that is sure to catch your attention from the first note. With soaring vocals combined with rocking riffs, this one will surely get stuck in your head! Changing things up a bit and combining their trademark sound with those groovy riffs and a whole new style of singing from the multi-talented vocalist, ‘Grass Is Greener’ stands out as probably the most unique song on the album. Another particularly catchy track which is sure to be a treat live, with plenty of singalong opportunities.

Surrender’ allows both vocalist Lillye and guitarist Ellis to take a more experimental approach. Whereas ‘Fire’ was showing off the band’s talents in a stripped back way, ‘Surrender’ is the more indulgent take. Solo-style lead guitar through the entire song as well as a range of vocal styles creates for a fun song – but don’t worry, they’ve still managed not to go too crazy – this works and is definitely one of those songs that will continue to grow on you the more you listen to it. Closing off the album, ‘Through My Soul’ proves that these guys aren’t slowing down any time soon. This track brings the rhythm section to the front again and really showcases Lillye’s vocals in a more stripped back way than the rest of the album.

Lillye have proven with this release just why they deserve to be playing with the big names of the rock and metal scene. Not only are they extremely talented musicians, they also know how to write a solid album and anyone who’s been lucky enough to see them live will be able to attest that they are incredible performers to boot!