Calling all fans of Mayday Parade; if you haven’t been keeping up to speed with the movements of the band, you might not have heard that they’re releasing a new album titled ‘Sunnyland’ on June 15th through Rise Records!

Having been four years since ‘Black Lines’ was released, the excitement within the band is understandably quite high. Speaking to lead guitarist Alex Garcia about the upcoming release date, Garcia opened the interview by stating “we’ve been sitting on these songs for so long and I’m just very excited to have people be able to listen to them” before going into detail about how long Mayday Parade have been sitting on the finished product: 

“Some of the songs were actually written shortly after we recorded ‘Black Lines’ so it’s been four years for those! Some of the songs were written closer to when we recorded, but everything was finished recorded by Christmas 2017. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve been living with these songs for so long, I’m totally ready for people to be able to hear it.”

Mayday Parade have gone about a label change between ‘Black Lines’ and ‘Sunnyland’, moving from Fearless Records to Rise Records. Garcia quickly pointed out that it was purely a professional move, explaining “we just wanted a change and to see what a different team could offer us. We still love Fearless and still have positive feelings for them; in fact we recently celebrated ‘A Lesson In Romantics’ going gold with owner Bob Becker! We’ve got nothing but love in our hearts for him and the rest of the team, but with every relationship you need change and to shake things up. Especially with the music industry; it’s changing so much that it’s hard to stay fresh and new, so we think this is a part of that!”

Garcia also had nothing but praise for Bob Becker, explaining that “it’s hard to find allies in this industry and people that believe in you and your music as much as you do, but Bob is one of those people; he’s been there, stood by us through thick and thin for a lot of it and that most definitely does not go unappreciated!”

Taking time to talk about the feedback Piece Of Your Heart has received, Garcia quipped “so far so good I think; it’s so hard to tell” before mentioning “I was actually looking at the comments for our newly released single Never Sure on Reddit and YouTube before quickly remembering that I probably shouldn’t; occasionally people don’t like it and sometimes it’s hard to read criticism. I try to stay away from it now, but back in the day I used to check out any comment on any forum or check out every review! I say this now, but I’ll probably still do it with this album” before ending with a chuckle.

Touching on the newly released Never Sure, Garcia was kind enough to give great detail on why it was the second single to be released:

“A lot of times it can be kind of strategic, but in this case everyone felt that with Piece Of Your Heart was one of the strongest songs on the album so we definitely wanted to lead with that. Also from a strategy perspective and like we did with ‘Black Lines’, you want to have a song that doesn’t have much campaign around it yet; that way it allows the fans to have a listen to something not too crazy and kind of grounded. That way it allows for a smooth transition; mind you, this is the way that it’s all been described to me!”

For all North American fans, Mayday are hitting the road on the final Warped Tour; when asked how this opportunity arose, Garcia quipped “I want to say it’s because we’ve done it so much that we’ve become an integral part of the tour, but the reality is that Kevin Lyman never liked to have bands that didn’t want to do it every two years. So what happened with Mayday and a few other bands is that we would play every even year, from 2008 to 2018. Warped Tour has always been a very important part of this band and a very big part of the success this band has achieved, so it’s a no brainer when we get the offer.”

Taking time to talk on a personal level, this interviewer wanted to know who Garcia was most looking forward to playing alongside at Warped. After pointing out “I don’t think that we play on the same stage as this band; it’s only worked out once back in 2010 I believe”, Garcia went into further detail about which band he is talking about:

“Part of what I was saying about us playing every even year is that Every Time I Die are another band who does the same thing. Not to mention they are one of my all-time favourite bands; other than Warped Tour, we never ever get to do a tour with them! This is a great opportunity to see them and I’m going to try and see them every single day that I can live, as they’re just exceptional all round.”

Even though Mayday Parade were last out on Australian shores only last year, a new album hopefully means a tour before too long; when asked about the possibility of this, Garcia drew the interview to a close with “I’m sure there will be something sooner than later! Everyone in the band loves touring Australia, so I think it won’t be too long before we’re over there.”