Review: Silence The Unknown – Rejects EP

Metalcore has come a real long way since the beginning and with a genre that is constantly evolving I feel that some bands will get stuck in that “generic” rut. Luckily that is not the case for Silence The Unknown. Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia Silence The Unknown are yet another upcoming six piece metalcore band who are quickly making themselves known on the scene with their recent debut release “Rejects”. The band consists of songwriter/clean & unclean vocalist Bruce Garner, unclean vocalist James Stace, guitarists Joshua Percival Codey DahmesChris Davis on the drums and Mykal Price-Matthewson on bass.

The EP opens with Monster which starts off with horrific sounding bell chimes which kind of sound like the opening to Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare, before the bass, guitars and drums all kick in with a monster (no pun intended) metalcore riff, instantly showing off the heaviness of the rest of the record to come. The perfect introduction!

Monster perfectly leads into the next track Hell I Created which is a much more fast-paced track with demonic sounding screams and heartfelt clean vocals. Something that I feel separate this track from most other metalcore tracks is the inclusion of the synth in the background and while I know synth is very common in the genre these days, it isn’t too over the top and sits just nicely in the back giving a unique spin on the music unlike many other metalcore bands who would often over do it.

Up next is my personal favourite, the title track Rejects. This one mixes it up a bit from the usual riffage formula, giving us more power chords in place of the single note riffs. Rejects is about the group coming together and becoming stronger as a unit rather than just a group of individuals. This is a more hardcore sounding track which will leave you headbanging no matter what. The chorus is incredibly catchy and really breaks up the heaviness perfectly without taking anything away from it.

Here is what is sure to be the most memorable and creative track on this EP. Big Bad Wolf is known to be Silence The Unknown’s most popular song and it’s not hard to see why. Big Bad Wolf channels the likes of Marilyn Manson and Motionless In White, giving us a real horror styled tune with catchy instrumentals and deep lyrics. The synth sticks around throughout this track in the best way possible, you’ll just have to listen to it to know what I mean. When asked about the meaning of this song vocalist/songwriter Bruce Garner has stated that “Big Bad Wolf is about overcoming my anger problems that I have struggled with throughout my life and finding a better way to handle the crap that life throws at me.”

Closing the record is Burn. This one has a real party vibe to it, it will make you want to dance, or mosh, whatever you’re into. Being another faster paced track with heavy breakdown sections, this is another example of the talent that Silence The Unknown posses.

Honestly, while I am a huge fan of the metalcore genre I often get bored trying to get into new bands but I can honestly say that Silence The Unknown have hit this one out of the park with an outstanding debut EP.

Be sure to purchase “Rejects” here!