Founded in 1996, London, UK based Independent label Snapper Music controls a portfolio of record labels, including three frontline imprints: Peaceville, the long-established Metal label; Kscope, developing the Post-Progressive and Art Rock genres; and Classic & Psychedelic Rock label Madfish. These are supported by high end deluxe box set releases alongside a burgeoning back catalogue and European distribution of the legendary Charly Records.

The company is happy to announce its change of ownership in May 2018 to Managing Director Frederick Jude, commenting
“After 21 years at Snapper and MD for the last 13 years, I’m truly excited and re-energised to have become the majority shareholder of The Snapper Group.”
“At Snapper we’re continuing to evolve and move with the differing ways people consume music – building on specialist music genres with the Kscope and Peaceville labels and successfully elevating some of our artists to the top of those genres.”

The label roster originally included the likes of W.A.S.P.Ozric TentaclesThe Pretty Things and the solo recordings of the ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green, before being supplemented by established artists such as Porcupine Tree and Cradle of Filth, who would influence the company’s development to the present day. Peaceville Records is now a home for the music of DarkthroneBloodbathAutopsyKatatonia and Opeth. Kscope saw the birth and growth of #3 UK charting artist Steven Wilson, the evolution of Anathema‘s influential songwriting, the signing of progressive metal pioneers TesseracT, as well as multiple releases from The Pineapple ThiefRichard Barbieri (of Japan), Paul Draper (of Mansun) and The Anchoress (featured artist on the Manic Street Preachers’ new studio album).

Upholding the importance of placing the artists as central to Snapper Music’s values, Mr. Jude explains
“We maintain a family feel with our artists, for many of whom we have their entire catalogue or majority recording history.”

Snapper’s success has been largely due to a unique combination of new recordings and strong catalogue activity with an emphasis on well-presented physical product alongside a well-established global distribution network.

Mr. Jude elaborates on this sentiment, “Our heart is firmly in beautiful, physical packages and we’re continuing to learn how best to use today’s digital marketing tools to encourage fans to become aware & listen to music from our 12,000+ song catalogue.
“That’s not to say it’s been easy. Over the years at Snapper, there have been challenging times with a number of major retailers and distributors disappearing.”

Forthcoming releases coming in 2018 include new studio albums from The Anchoress, The Pineapple Thief, Bloodbath, and a deluxe 21st anniversary edition of the classic UK #1 Mansun album Attack of the Grey Lantern.