After hitting the studio late last year to record their first single, this progressive metal 5-piece teased the track via a limited physical run of only 50 discs whilst planning the accompanying video. The time has now come for that video to be released to the world, with the track now available everywhere digitally.

Formed in mid-2017, Tectonic Spectrum are a band that pushes the boundaries of progressive metal music and delivers a high-octane live performance. Comprised of members that have each worked together in various projects, they finally all join forces here to create something unique and exciting.

Tectonic Spectrum boasts the vocal finesse of Wirawit ‘First’ Suriyaworasit, who sits perfectly atop the thunderous pounding of Judd Selton’s drumming and the growl of James Price’s bass. Embellished further by the virtuosic dual guitar work provided by Daniel Lee and Joseph Dipisa-Fiorenza.

Tectonic Spectrum are all set to explode onto the scene, so catch a live show as soon as you can!

Check out the video for ‘Thorns Of The Mind’ here.