With eight songs, Foul Body Autopsy unveiled a new album released on the 24th of March called ‘This Machine Kills Zombies’. Now, if that doesn’t tell you what the lyrics are based upon or what theme he was aiming for, then nothing will. Yes that’s correct, ‘he’, as in one man band. Not a mistake, but a legitimate fact – everything was done by Tom Reynolds. With that being said, he did an incredible job. The song times range between 01:36 all the way to 07:06 minutes. The first two songs in succession were both shorter songs and used the same galloping foundation, leaving me cautious as to whether or not I could expect any differentiation from the rest of the album. This fear is immediately withdrawn with the following songs, but you are reminded throughout the album about repetition existing. The album maintains a 4/4 time signature and a similar fast pace tempo throughout all of the songs with little alteration. The guitar, drums and vocals all take on the same phrasing and direction, resulting in a powerful end product.

The very first songGhost Ships’ is a short song at only one minute and thirty six seconds. A good taste of what is to be expected of this album. With a simple yet catching riff, there is not much to be said on quality, as it is a clear and well mixed song, although it requires some variation because it’s consistently the same sound and riff. The vocals are just as consistent, although they could arguably be supporting the flow of the song. Without the differentiation in the song, I sadly lost attention. The next song ‘Unquiet Dead’, with a longer duration than the first, attains to the same theme of galloping riffs. It almost feels like an extension to the first song. It would be more suitable to just combine the tracks and have them as one complete song, because it would even out the duration average for the album and also make the album seem less repetitive.

‘Outbreak’, which is the third song, breaks away from the galloping theme set from the first two tracks and has a duration of three minutes and twenty seconds. Although distinguishing itself more with a new styled riff, the algorithm is still consistently repetitive which results in overplayed riffs and unimpressionable songs. This is a sad reality, as the songs do open with an interesting and fetching new sound each time, but this sound is quickly butchered by the repetition. The fourth song, ‘Chaos Reigns’, abandons the repetitive process previously enforced with less strained but more raspy vocals and a sequence change, resulting in an interesting listen. With well-proportioned and simple lead guitar to retain the audience’s attention, the more prominent and conservatively-placed riffs lock with the vocals in an exponentially more powerful way. I definitely enjoyed listening to this all the way through.

I was pleasantly surprised with ‘Obliterate All Life’ providing a clear guitar tone and a balanced drum sound that leave ample space for the vocals to distinguish themselves from the mix, whilst still driving the song and accompanying the riffs. It was possibly my favorite song on this album, due to the differences being easily identified. Total War’, being one minute and fifty nine seconds, is the sixth song and has once again branched out forming a new feel and atmosphere to the album. Still keeping with the similar guitar style and prominent drums, the tempo speeds up once more, reminding me of the first songs. It was not a bad listen and, if anything, I feel it may have been cut short of being extremely enjoyable.

Circling The Drain’ is the same duration as the last song, but falls back into the repetition cycle with the drums staying consistent and possibly overusing epic riffs. I did enjoy it, but the commonalities between each instrument’s creative range is a double-edged blade, as it also leads to sometimes vague sections of the song. Purified Ready To Reclaim’ is the longest song, lasting seven minutes and six seconds. Despite sometimes being obscure, there is visible effort towards a prominent solo guitar tone to show when an intricate guitar solo was in store. Each solo was refreshing and invigorating, changing the atmospheric sway with positive impacts and has a very calming ending of piano, which is unexpected, but just what the album needed.