Aboard the S.S Plunderberg the drinking pirate metal band, Lagerstein, prepares for their next voyage. Violinist and keytarist, Mother Junkst discusses the next great adventure ahead, the ‘Yeast Coast Brewery’ tour, along with giving us the rundown on how the band’s third album is going. With a month to go, Lagerstein fans best start preparing as the ‘Yeast Coast Tour’ is going to be an interesting one.

“This tour is kind of unique because it is the ‘Yeast Coast Brewery’ tour, where we’re going to be heading to different micro-breweries around the country ”Junkst begins. “So it’s about telling the story of all the unique beers brewed in Australia. We really want to go around and see who’s making beer in Australia and how delicious it is. We’re actually taking a film guy with us for the first time too, and together we’ll be making a documentary about our adventure.”

“The plan is each day, during the daytime before the show, we’ll be going to a local brewery and interviewing them, talking to them about why they make their beer, why their beer is so awesome.” Junkst says excitedly. “And, you know, maybe get to try a heap of different beers too. I feel like we get this double whammy with this tour, because we have the daytime event and the awesome heavy metal concert at night,” Junkst laughs. “If any of our fans have some thoughts on really awesome beers or places that do beer, or if anyone makes any sick beers, get in touch with us about it. We’ll be releasing a list of all the breweries soon so feel free to come along too.”

After having such a big break from playing, Junkst describes what the plan is for the show and what the fans should expect. “The set will be new, we are holding back our new songs for our Lagerfest (announced soon). But with us you can expect a massive party but also something unexpected. We like to be fresh and the thing that we really try and characterize with our shows is a sense of improvisation, that anything can happen. That’s what we’ll roll with. It’s really a party, not a choreographed thing where we are moving through the motions. I feel like in that sense that for anyone who is coming to a Lagerstein show, that every night is a pretty unique occasion.”

“I’m always blown away with the massive enthusiasm people have for the music,” Junkst continues. “There is always a huge energy that is in the room when we play. It’s a great feeling when you’re on stage and all these people are dancing their hearts out and you’re dancing your heart. The fans always seem to go pretty crazy. I would expect these shows to be the same, a 10/10 high energy experience with dancing, moshing and everything in between.”

“I’m super keen to head back out on the road,” Junkst explains. “After doing 140 gigs last year, it feels like it’s been the biggest break of my life taking five-six months off from playing. I feel like that is where my life is best and I have the most fun. I’m particularly excited about playing in Ballarat for the first time. It’s been on the map for a while now. We have these really great super-fans that have been saying for ages, ‘Oh you gotta come to Ballarat.’ So we are, and we ended up getting their band, Haunted Steel, playing the Ballarat and Melbourne gigs. I think Ballarat is going to be a real party.”

With the tour getting closer, Junkst begins talking about how the making of the band’s third album is going. “While we are preparing for the tour we are pretty hardcore into composing now. We’re really focused on creating new music and a kick ass record for everybody and stepping up what Lagerstein has done in the past. Being part of the creative process, it’s hard to say what it’s going to be like. We have all this material and we are going to work on crafting it into something that’s a whole. I really want something that’s going to tell a great story. It’s going to be really funny, have lots of ups and downs and have different moments. I think with Lagerstein we aren’t characterized by one sound, except pirates I guess. But pirates is the word more than the sound. I want us to make heaps of music, I want us to explore some of the bluesy stuff we did, epic power metal or rock and roll.”

Junkst takes a moment to think about the best way he can describe what Lagerstein is as a band. “I think, the thing is with Lagerstein, we don’t sing about pirates. We sing about Lagerstein and the adventures this crew go on, of us as real people travelling around the world. So I feel like we really sing about what it is like to be a pirate now in the 21st century and to live a life of freedom. I think anything can really come up in our songs, because this is our life to be pirates and travel around on adventures. And I really feel like the music is an authentic expression of ourselves in that regard.”

‘Yeast Coast Brewery’ tour kicks off on June 7th, beginning at The Basement in Belconnen, ACT. An interesting adventure awaits for Lagerstein. So fans out there, get your beer suggestions in and prepare yourself for a mighty moshing party this June!

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