There is a great deal of discussion about the state of affairs in Sydney’s live music scene, which is appalling to know. The population of great bands supports the need to sustain and when you come across a band like Red Bee, there is no argument on this. The powerhouse, heavy Prog-Rock-based three-piece from the picturesque Blue Mountains have carved quite a name for themselves in recent years as a quality Australian band worth taking notice of. Their second album ‘Silent Enemy’ packs exactly the kind of punch and groove these guys have created a reputation for crafting so cleverly, opening with the single, Dead Inside.  A hell of a way to drive out the gates. Thunderous beats and rhythm, and a hell of a great driving chorus. And this is only the first track!

One Way Heart” carries on from the opener and opens right up with a real feeling that these guys know how to carve a great chorus. The vocals truly encapsulate a true Australian feel, without any imitation or pretentious flair. This is real and straight-up quality. Chasing Shadows kicks the momentum right into fifth gear and powers forward with a nod to the precision and pro class of musicianship that these guys have worked for. The production is well-balanced and worthy of sitting amongst the current population of Aussie albums right now in this genre. Red Bee is holding their own and this track really hits the point home of how well these guys have matured and crafted a truly well-balanced, formulaic sound that will impress many.

Title track, Silent Enemy, shifts the pace down ever so momentarily in opening before inserting layers of earth-shattering sounds that are so wonderful and near impossible to describe other than there is some extremely clever dynamic and structure throughout this track. The power in the driving verse into chorus is equally and unbelievably good. Easy to say, this could be one for the next single. Then Better Day soars through and just leaves you shaking your head how tight and precise the song arrangements are for these guys. This track just pulsates with beats and groove aplenty. Daniel Silk really establishes himself as a quality vocalist that knows where to take his voice and his discipline is commendable. He has truly come of age as a vocalist and the ability he utilises to push his voice without losing balance on this record is well worth applause.

Lotus Eater expresses a more fluent sense of melody and still maintains a balls-to-the-wall feel in the overall sound. This track flows with all the right majestic glide of sound while still launching thunderous groove. Then Autumn Blood Horizon hits with sonic blast beats without sounding too mechanical surprisingly and executes fill after fill of drum-tastic goodness to appease any who love a good beat or just want to shake your head in disbelief how cool this track is. The chorus just takes this song to another level and the melodic texture and soar is so well placed before dropping a short barrage of heavy prog that gets you pumped. These are the sort of songs that make Australian music today so damn good.

The heavy epic of Melody to the Apocalypse just rips and tears in all the right spots. These guys have really honed their craft, and tracks like this just drive the point home how much of a force to be reckoned with Red Bee is in the musical landscape of sheer brilliance. The melody and heavy groove on this track entwined with the incredible precision and harmony that drummer Ian Dunn and Bassist Jim Silk capture, matched by Daniel Silk’s more-than-skilful vocal delivery and guitar playing. The closing track Forever closes the album the way it began. Explosive, melodic, and just such a damn fine piece of writing in the chorus with the vocal arrangements working so well before the band take their bow and rock the absolute hell out for the final run of the song. A gentle wash then carries over fantastically in the bridge and builds incredible power on the charge home.

If there were any doubts about the state of music in Sydney, just take a listen to this album, please. Red Bee has cemented themselves as a true force in Australian music scene and will dominate many a stage in no time if the album ‘Silent Enemy’ is anything to go by. This is truly one for the ages, and possibly, as far as Australian album releases this year goes, a definite contender for Top 5. Hands down, one hell of a precision unit and an exciting band to listen to. This album will rock your world from start to finish.

‘Silent Enemy’ is out now via Dinner For Wolves. Grab your copy HERE!