If you’re reading along and hoping for a new and impressive metal band to add to your playlist; you’ve definitely come to the right place. Recently formed in San Antonio in 2016, Within the Giant’s Reach are offering an interestingly positive and inclusive take on the genre. With the band’s name alone, they are sending an inspiring message; with guitarist William Taylor elaborating:
“The name is based on the struggles we face mentally and physically. The Giant represents the struggle towering over you, keeping you within reach. We don’t let them define us but we are in constant battle until the day you wake up, see your full potential, reach for the sky, and conquer your Giant.”

Their trademark theme of self-empowerment and courage in life continues with their passionate self-released debut EP called “In the Beginning”. Featuring a tantalising 6 songs orchestrated by Norman Lucas on vocals, William Taylor and Lenny Martinez on guitars, Edgardo Ortiz on bass and Evan Parigi on drums, this album delivers powerful blows both musically and lyrically. Their sound sprawls across multiple genres; with djent and deathcore coming to mind. Meanwhile, their lyrics tackle current issues in society like bullying and racism, while also carrying their idea of self-belief and inner strength. Taylor helps to make the meaning behind the album crystal clear to new and existing fans by saying: “I want to inspire them to conquer their Giants and to do great things. No matter how hard it gets…Move forward! You only have one life, so live it! We want to project our drive, our reach for heavy brutal music bringing back lyrical song-writing.”

Out on the 11th of May, “In the Beginning” I can say with confidence that it is well worth the meagre 25 minutes of your time that it will take to do yourself a favour and give Within the Giant’s Reach’s debut EP a listen. In the meantime, Overdrive Mag secured an early copy to give a track by track run down.

Stuttering guitars introduce the djent vibe early for their opening track “The Summit”. Within the first minute, this band proves that they are capable of putting forward sheer quality of sound and band cohesion, while delivering gloriously aggressive and gritty metal. Lucas’s vocals are also truly remarkable in their range and strength.

Keeping things at full throttle is their single, “Faceless”. Despite their Djent leanings and fast-paced drumming courtesy of the masterful Parigi, it is clear that Within the Giant’s Reach aren’t entirely out to impress anyone with technical prowess. Instead they choose to play to their strengths with crushing breakdowns and an almost uncontainable ferocity in studio. Live, this song and every song on this EP will undoubtedly be an incredible mosh pit experience.

Track three is called “Rise”, and one thing it certainly does is makes your blood rise with low-toned chugging riffs from Taylor and Martinez that just emanate pure rage, made complete by Ortiz’s gutsy basslines. Pairigi’s drumming is my personal favourite in this EP, blending the intensity of thrash drumming with his own personal excellence and talent.

“Collapse Rebuild” has a very Djent-y beginning, before dropping into a verse bulging with galvanising vocals and brutally heavy music. This song carries extra weight, hammering the message home of living your life to its fullest potential and disregarding self-made obstacles with the lyrics:
“Bring forth the giants, for me to slay
Nothing can ever be the same no more set back in my way
I’ve finally been unleashed from these shackles
That for too long I’ve strapped myself into”

“Scars” features a hyped up and bouncy riff to get even the most stubborn neck moving, before Lucas virtually punches us in the ears with the utter wrath of his screaming. Within the Giant’s Reach are surely cementing their place as one of America’s heaviest modern metal bands this year.

Ending “In the Beginning” on track six with “Same Blood”, we are greeted with a more technical riff and drumbeat than previous tracks, giving the idea that the band wanted to save their best for last. Tackling the huge issue of racism head on with blunt anger and stirring ideals, Lucas spits the words:
“The colour of skin doesn’t mean a fuck, to me
If it defines who we are, that’s a false reality
The blood that’s inside us, Humanity!
This is what binds us, Diversity!”

For the entirety of “In the Beginning”, the gentlemen of Within the Giant’s Reach absolutely refused to ease up, delivering an onslaught of sound with each and every song. I feel thoroughly impressed by how organized this entire EP sounds with each member bringing their own energy and intensity to their overall sound, and it brings me to give them a neat rating of 90/100. For a band that is relatively fresh to the scene, they do well to make listeners believe otherwise. As Within the Giant’s Reach start to gain a good fan-base and streamline their sound and live performances with time and experience, I hope that they will reach the heights they deserve. “In the Beginning” is available on the 11th of May through Bandcamp here: https://withinthegiantsreachofficial.bandcamp.com/