Hailing from Canberra, Australia, HighView are a power rock quintet not to be trifled with. Fusing uplifting and empowering melodies with captivating chorus structures, the band are certain to become ones to watch in 2018.

The band’s EP ‘Aftermind’ is darker in lyrics and tonality to their debut EP ‘Take Your Time’. The band has expressed their mental struggles when trying to keep the work/life balance in modern day society, and hopes that the songs will resonate with new and old fans. HighView want to make music that influences you to step outside of your comfort zone and strive for better things in life, even if it means channelling negative energy in to everyday life and striving for a positive outcome. The collection of powerful and motivating heavy rock tracks infused with bright synths can be described as for fans of Shinedown, Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin and the US movement of empowering rock music.

Get your hands on it from June 1st via Bandcamp!