Lizzy Borden, the American heavy metal veterans that have seen success, tragedy and at least two reunions since forming in 1983 and have returned after 11 years of silence to release their new album “My Midnight Things“, which is set to release on June 15th 2018.

Their titular single from the upcoming album My Midnight Things is out now on YouTube and other media platforms, we took a listen to it so we could really see what this album might shape up to be.

First impressions of the single are that it’s electrifying, it’s main real qualities are that it’s fun and it’s catchy. It’s got all the things you love from classic heavy metal acts that you just want to jam to again and again. Distorted guitar riffs, drums you can feel in your chest, roaring guitar solos and powerful anthemic vocals.

9 begins with an explosive start of distorted guitar, slamming drums and a soft riff playing underneath them both. There’s a tandem of synth piano and vocals that chimes in as the guitar, bass and drums get more hectic.

The intro is foreboding, the verses are slowly rising in its most subtle elements but sporting a drum pattern that strikes like a heartbeat and vocals that command a tone of desire and demand in its more blatant elements.

The chorus is exciting and pay off everything that the song has promised so far, it hits hard and fast with a recognizable guitar riff, soaring vocals and an overall anthemic vibe that’s very fun and easy to jam to.

After the chorus there’s a guitar solo that really gels and adds a perfect transition back into the verse, there’s a chorus later on in the song that fakes us out, becomes quiet and features the chorus vocals over some more synth piano which helps usher the song to its end by making the final chorus that much more impactive.

You can pre order “My Midnight Things” here via Metal Blade Records!