The first ever Meltdown Festival is just 2 weeks away, kicking off May 12th in Melbourne, and we were lucky enough to get some time with Arteries vocalist Brendan Dafter to ask him about the band name, live shows and music festivals.

I first asked Brendan what five words he would use to describe Arteries. His response? “Hairy 8-string vegan metal bandits!” This definitely got a laugh out of me, and hopefully you as you read this as well! Next, I just had to know where the name Arteries came from. Are the band fans of human anatomy, is that where it came from? Brendon replied with “We are! We literally wrote down our favourite pieces of human anatomy and drew it out of a hat. We missed out on being called wenis, colon, and frenulum (thank god!)” If only, this interview could have gone very differently if I was asking about wenis’s and frenulum’s.

The topic then turned to how Arteries formed, joking at first Brendan told me “we formed in our own wombs separately in the late 80’s” before giving the more serious answer of “We formed Arteries together around 5 years ago out of boredom, and frustration at the heavy music scene in Sydney.”

As Arteries are playing at a music festival, I asked Brendan what the best and worse things about playing festivals in his opinion. “Best thing is the AA passes (no walking the long way around) and getting to fanboy over bands you usually wouldn’t get to share a stage with. The worst is bad weather, or portable dunnies! No explanation needed!” and definitely no argument here from me on that one!

Keeping on the touring theme, I next asked what Brendan’s favourite thing about touring is. “Going interstate and playing to a crowd that have never seen you before and watching people getting into your music is probably the best thing about touring.” He also continued on to say “That, and the tour banter is also pretty good, nothing and no subject is sacred in the Arteries KIA Carnival!” I can only imagine the conversations, although whether I’d want to know what they are is another thing all together.

Festivals are a great place for collaborations to be born live on stage, or to be talked about between bands backstage, so I asked Brendan who his dream collaboration. “If we got Jonathan Davis (Korn) to do a guest freestyle ‘BOIN’ on a track I’d be pretty stoked.” I also think that’d be an awesome guest spot if it was to happen.

I’ve not personally had the chance to see Arteries live yet, so I asked Brendan what people could expect from a live show. “Loud and frantic energy, with lots of headbanglingly good riffage. We like to party, we aim to please.” So a live show from the boys from Newtown, New South Wales sounds pretty exciting! Sticking with live performances, I then asked Brendan if he had a favourite song to play live. He answered with “always the ones that get the best crowd participation. Anything from out debut album ‘This Will Destroy Us’ always goes down a treat.

Next, the conversation turned to song writing, and I asked Brendan how Arteries writes songs. “Due to the progressive nature of our songs we find it easier to write on our own” he continued one to say “Then we bring a nearly finished song to the table and everyone sprinkles their little bit of flavour to make it a hearty meal.” Then finally, I asked who he’d say are the biggest musical influences for Arteries. “The obvious ones we get a lot are Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan and Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza. The Enya inspiration is a little harder to hear but it’s in there somewhere!”

Overall, I can’t wait to see Arteries perform at Meltdown Festival in Melbourne, Brisbane and their hometown of Sydney. Hopefully, knowing what you know now, you’re excited too!

Get your tickets to see Arteries at Meltdown Festival, kicking off May 12th in Melbourne HERE!