Fans of Sink The Ship; if you haven’t realised, it is less than two weeks before they release their debut album ‘Persevere’! Available for purchase April 27th, Sink The Ship are releasing their album through the one and only Nuclear Blast Records.

Speaking to vocalist Colton Ulery about their upcoming debut album, Ulery couldn’t contain his excitement as he pointed out “we’ve been working on the album for over a year and actually re-recorded it fall last year. We’ve been a mess from anticipation and we’re very excited to see it open to the public finally.”

As mentioned during the intro, Sink The Ship are releasing ‘Persevere’ through Nuclear Blast; when asked about how this opportunity presented itself, Ulery quickly mentions “I think it was just by luck” before delving into further detail:

“We were all kinda on a break the end of 2016/early 2017; we had just finished releasing an EP and we didn’t know what would be next, so we all decided to take two or three months off. One day out of the blue, I got a message from Markus who owns Nuclear Blast and he wanted to know if ”we were still a band and what’s going on?”; I replied we were just weren’t doing anything for a while. After a month or so of communication he decided that he wanted to sign the band, so we got working on the new record!”

Ulrey couldn’t contain his praise for Nuclear Blast throughout the rollercoaster so far, expressing fondly how “Nuclear Blast has really put a lot of effort into our band; they really want to see us work out! We’re really happy about the opportunity with them, as they’re really doing it for us. That’s the thing with Markus; he’s been at this for over thirty years and I don’t think he’s lost a single step! He’s just as involved now as he was back then, which is great to see and experience.”

Not only is Sink The Ship firing on all cylinders by releasing ‘Persevere’ through Nuclear Blast, but they’ve also had two guest vocalists make an appearance; Burt Poncet from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Levi Benton from Miss May I. Ulery explained how “the thing with Burt was first actually“ before delving into greater depth:

“He and his brother Eric were the albums producers, so we made our way to France. We all had a day off whilst reviewing the songs and we mentioned how he would sound really good on this song; he turned around and said “let’s do this.” The next day he was in there, got all his s**t done and we had a great time that night! When it comes to Levi, we were already on the search for somebody to join us; it got narrowed down to Levi and a few others, but we went with Levi for a couple of reasons.. Firstly, he is from Ohio like us and we all really like his band and secondly, he brings a nice balance and evens out what we did with Burt; we had Burt that was on a song that was slightly lighter and Levi on something that was a little heavier.”

When asked if there was anything new that the band learned during the recording process of ‘Persevere’, Ulery quickly pointed out “I would say that the process was relatively the same as what we would do at home”, before adding in “Burt did turn me onto drinking Jack Daniels whilst doing my vocals however; at first I was like “why would you do this to me”, but it really helped my voice stay in tune…I don’t know how, but it does!”

‘Persevere’ is a nice little package that contains thirteen songs; when asked if there were any songs that didn’t make the cut, Ulery pointed out “we did a lot of pre-production at our own house, as we had a lot of time to work out exactly what we wanted to do. Not only had the label heard all the songs, but we had chosen all the songs before we went to the studio; so we ended up doing exactly what we wanted for the album.”

After finding out that not only did things go smoothly for Sink The Ship, but that they had an exact number of songs in mind, it was time to find out if there are any more tracks being created; Ulery gladly proclaimed “we don’t like to stop; we’ve already started on a few new songs for the next album!” before elaborating further:

“As soon as we finish the tours scheduled for 2018 and we get home, we’re going to get into writing the rest of the album. I don’t know when the label will want to put it out, but I’m hoping it will be about this time next year; we’re just stoked to be working on the next album and I think people will like it even more than the first one!”