This album really took me back in time. I am a product of the ’80s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal scene and the MTV era when they actually played music videos. This album would have been a monster in those days. It is a cross between Vixen and Journey and so easy to listen to it’s scary. This is Melodic Hard Rock at its finest. It has great vocals from Issa and some really good guitar work from Simone Mularoni of Italian progressive metal giants, DGM. Issa herself has been putting out albums since 2010 and this is her fifth release. The other albums I have listened to a few tracks off and they are all good albums, but you can feel she is perfecting her craft with each release. With ‘Run With The Pack’, you get eleven songs and forty-two minutes of rock solid music.

The album starts off with Am I Losing You. Great melodic guitar starts us off and then Issa’s sultry vocals kick in. The song has a very catchy chorus and some nice guitar work in the background. The song picks up as it goes and the guitar riff and transitions are solid. I love that while Issa sings the chorus there is all sorts of interesting guitar notes going on in the background. We get a nice guitar solo in the middle and Issa’s vocal intensity keeps rising. It is a great opener.

The title track Run With The Pack is next and the guitar opening is awesome! The power chords are so sharp and really pull you in. Issa kicks it up a notch in this song and it rocks. By the middle part of song two, this album has you under its spell. The ’80s memories are rushing through my head, and I absolutely love this song. Once again, we have a great guitar solo to spice the song up even more.

The first two singles off the album are Sacrifice Me and Come Back Again. Both are definitely worthy of mention. Sacrifice Me is a duet with Deen Castronovo (Revolution Saints, ex-Journey) and is breathtaking. The first couple notes make you think ‘ballad’, but then there is a blazing guitar part. In fact, it is a ballad; and a very good one, indeed. It is very melodic, and Issa’s vocals are just perfect. Deen sounds a bit like Joe Perry. Right before the guitar solo in this song, Issa lets out with a crushing high-end vocal scream that is amazing. This is the perfect ’80s-style Melodic Hard Rock ballad. I miss songs like this.

The other single Come Back Again is Melodic Rock at its best. Once again, some cool guitar effects kick this song off. However, this song is also aided by a great chorus that you find yourself singing along to. It is a song I find myself listening to over and over. This song has a very smooth pace to it and just feels like a song you would have heard all over the radio back in the day. Once again, another great guitar solo highlights this song. There is honestly a great guitar sound to be found throughout the entire album.

There are seven more songs for you to explore on your own, but all of them are catchy, easy to listen to, and make for a really good album. There is nothing here that changes the world of music or takes a lot of chances, but that is fine. What you hear is what you get. Some fantastic Melodic Rock that you will really enjoy listening to. There is not enough of this kind of music around anymore, in my opinion. It is great that Issa is keeping music like this alive and doing it so well that it deserves to be recognised. If you grew up loving this kind of music, this album in one you will really enjoy.

‘Run With The Pack’ is out April 20th, 2018 via Frontiers Music Srl. Pre-order your copy HERE!