Hailing all the way from the town of Murwillumbah, north-east of New South Wales, thrash metal quartet Decryptus have just come back from breaking down the doors and equipment in the studio with their latest effort since 2015’s ‘The Necrotic Design’. Here, the band has unleashed an onslaught of gritty, neck-breaking speed and callousness in the form of a new single entitled ‘Merchants of Discord’.

Twenty seconds in, and we get a moderately fast tempo in a 3/4 time signature featuring a technical playthrough on the strings by Will Magnusson and Dane McKenzie, with the support of Sam Phillips’ going hard on the percussions. Soon after, the strength of 198 bpm gets more intense with gutter-stomping riffs, followed by Magnusson executing some powerful pipes that leave him sounding ruthless and inhuman throughout the song’s course.

For the most of what’s presented in the four minutes and thirty-nine seconds, the self-titled track Merchants of Discord is ferocious and resilient in quality and production. Its constant tempo changes and its velocity slightly slowing down two-thirds of the way through the track shows that there’s more diversity than one could expect from your average thrash metal track. The thing with Decryptus is that they have potential and that they separate themselves in the scene with the utmost freedom in approaching music differently. If there’s any proof of that, it’s Merchants of Discord, and goddamn, they do it so well.