Reigning Days are rockers from London, returning to release their sophomore studio album “Eclipse” on the 13th of April.

There’s a whopping 14 songs on this chilled-out rock album, so sit back, relax and let’s see what it’s all about!

Empire starts the album out with a low, grumbling guitar riff that leads into some interesting vocals. In the verse they’re kind of like talk-singing in a 90’s rock kind of way, but when the chorus hits, everything hits hard, the vocals are powerful rock pipes, the guitar thrashes hard and the drums burst. There’s a really nice presence of bass in this song too.

Second up, we’re treated with Gravity. A song that starts out kind of grungy with a guitar riff that sounds like a power saw, heavily pounding drums and prominent bass and all of this persists throughout the song. The chorus hits and everything speeds up a little, the vocals are similar to the first but a little more melodic and fit really well over the abrasive instrumentals. The bridge slows down and builds back up into an impactive final chorus of high vocals.

Thirdly we have Chemical, and it’s groovy in the vein of psychedelic rock at the beginning. It’s got a guitar riff that’s smooth with a sustained note in the background. The vocals come in and between it and the bass it makes for a jazzy chilled out rock song. The chorus has a beautiful, thoughtful vibe to it which gives it extraordinary variety from the previous two songs. Later in the song there’s a beautiful guitar solo with a really buzzy guitar tone that fits the song well.

Friendly Fire is fourth, and it starts with pounding drums and grinding guitars before it stops and becomes extremely chilled for a moment before returning to the distorted guitar and banging drum beat. The vocals are relaxed in the verses but hit hard in the chorus and in the verses almost sound like the Gorillaz, whereas they’re much more of a modern hard rock vibe in the chorus. There’s interesting kind of electronic guitar sounds in this too.

The fifth song, Boy Who Cried Wolf, begins with a strong presence of bass guitar and drums. There’s softly reverberating guitar as the vocals sing out and slowly build up to the chorus in a beautifully smooth transition, the chorus pays off wonderfully in being a relaxing, smooth rock jam and makes you want to groove in your seat.

My Sweet Love, song number six, takes the album in a heavier direction by opening with a rather heavy guitar riff and drums like a quick heartbeat. The fast tempo makes for really energetic vocals also, they’re a constant kind of energy throughout the song, picking up in the chorus mostly. The overall song is the kind of thing you’d headbang to.

Thrones is a song that kind of gives off an atmosphere of something tropical with its particular way of strumming the guitars’ strings, what sounds like various percussion instruments, as well as just the overall reserved tone. Not to say the song isn’t very rock, it definitely picks up in the chorus and towards the end of the song but it’s absolutely more of a ballad.

All I Wanna Do begins with a very happy, bopping kind of vibe, with a positive sounding guitar riff, softly thumping bass and an upbeat drum pattern, the song builds into the chorus which retains the upbeat, catchy sound.

Crazy Horse, begins with another heavy guitar riff, accompanied by hard hitting drums before the vocals come in which sing over the drum beat in the verse before crashing powerfully into the chorus, the song is of the slowburn kind, but it delivers well.

Marking the tenth song is Inhaler. It starts like how you’d describe a bop, strongly slapping bass, a drum pattern that hits hard on every second beat. This all builds up into a pretty basic modern radio rock chorus, the song is good, not as good as the others.

Renegade begins with an eerie guitar riff over the rolling drums. The vocals start and they sound kind of suppressed. As the chorus hits it doesn’t exactly fall flat but it gets better as the song goes on, so make sure to listen all the way through.

The dozenth song, Do You Feel begins with an emotional set of soft-rock instrumentals, the vocals are soft and “deep” sounding, before they hit into a powerful melancholy ballad chorus. This song being so melancholy adds a somewhat needed, good sense of variety. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable rock ballad.

Self Destruct, like the name would imply, is explosive. It begins abruptly and has a strong in your face vibe, it’s got a real exciting chorus that crashes into a fast-paced jam. After the chorus, the verses retain their intensity, giving the song an ever-building element.

Finally, the twelfth song, Sound Of The Future begins with a good old fashioned hard rock guitar riff, after a beautiful bass slide the song kicks in and the drums hit strongly. The bass persists prominently as the vocals begin, they’re high pitched and echoing but they enter the chorus which hits powerfully and satisfyingly. This is probably my personal best on the album, so I’ll leave it to your imagination by just saying that it’s got hefty, powerful vocals, sexy bass riffs as well as satisfying guitar and drums.


You can get the new album HERE!