2017 brought an onslaught of Death Metal that left many of us eagerly anticipating what this year may bring – did the year jump the shark or was it a just a mere glimpse of the imminent bombardment of 2018? If Depravity’s “Evil Upheaval” gives any indication, it’s the latter. We are in for another year of full scale death metal massacre.   

Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader), “Evil Upheaval” releases on April 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records with a devastating lineup, including Louis Rando on drums (Impiety, The Furor), Lynton Cessford on guitar (Entrails Eradicated), Jamie Kay on vocals (Inanimacy, ex-The Ritual Aura), Ainsley Watkins on bass (ex-Scourge), and Jarrod Curly on guitar (ex-Malignant Monster). Clearly, this team came together to show us how Death Metal in 2018 is done: a refreshing take “done without straying from the genres roots.”

For fans of the genre’s progenitors Morbid Angel and Suffocation, this album is what you’ve been waiting for. For fans of any sub – this is a must listen that will certainly convert you to our virulent ways. Exactly what death metal should be: no gimmicks, just a devastatingly brutal assault on the senses that leaves you feeling violently depraved. 

The album is the perfect blend of brutal slams and mind-bending grooves. The first track, Manic Onslaught, is just that: vicious guitars, guttural growls, thundering bass, blistering drums – this is sheer aggression with the intent to rip you a new one from start to finish. The album violently sweeps in with relentless force, laying down punishing grooves and dazing solos that swallow you whole, spew you back out, and ravage what’s left of you. When it’s not mercilessly pulverizing you with brutality, the atmospheric components in tracks like The Great Divide give you barely a moment to recover before violently dragging you back in for another round of soul-shattering grooves and blasts. There’s no need to opt out after the singles as each track is as devastating as the one before and after it. Once you spin this, you can’t escape its clutches.

Before the first track was over I was hooked, drawn, and quartered by its savage onslaught, only to be continuously battered until the end and left begging for more. “Evil Upheaval” is definitely a solid candidate for Album of The Year that leaves listeners near speechless, only able to utter “unholy mother of hell.”


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