Small time Swedish rockers Black Rose are returning once more for their fifth album, “A Light In The Dark”. Anders Haga (Bass), Jakob Sandberg (Vocals), Peter Haga (Drums), Thomas Berg (Guitar) are unleashing this new album upon us on the 17th of April, this year, that’s not too far away, so without any stalling or waiting, let’s sink our teeth into some run of the mill, classic metal fun.

The first song off the album, Sands of Time, begins with an eerie choir of vocals and a ringing bell that makes you feel like something epic is about to happen. The song opens up with a drum fill that leads us into a quick paced metal guitar riff and the instrumentals keep up this fast and prominent pace. The vocals come in and at first I thought that they might sound a little amateurish or even bad, but upon further listening they’re really just VERY campy, making for a metal song and album that’s just silly, goofy fun.

Second up, Hear the Call starts with a 1,2 kind of drum beat, then chimes in with a guitar riff that starts and stops in a similar way to the drums. Vocals on this song, while still goofy, make for a much more enjoyable experience this time around and the chorus has such an anthemic spirit to it that echoes those 80’s metal anthems.

Thirdly, we’re starting with pure, pure metal. Carry On, opens with a heavy drum pattern, sliding and chugging guitars and aggressive, low vocals that blend with higher backing vocals to create what is an angrier take on the anthemic metal we heard in the last song.

We Come Alive is the fourth song, and what it brings forth, ha, get it? Is a pure jam. This song has everything you’d want out of an uplifting metal jam. It’s got the rising, reverberating guitar chords and quick riffs and soaring high falsetto vocals that really stand as highlights of the song.

The titular song of the album, A Light In The Dark begins quite heavy and with especially goofy “aggressive” vocals. The verses blend into pre-choruses that quieten down and build back up into a screaming chorus that doesn’t last too long, but combined with the highly melodic pre-chorus, is delivered well. Guitars are good, drums are good and as is the song. It features a great guitar solo that plays alongside the instrumentals as opposed to without them and it works beautifully.

Black Rose

Prominent drums and a quick paced guitar riff open up the sixth song, Web Of Lies. The vocals follow shortly after and they, accompanied by the instruments create a kind of powerful song despite the slow tempo, the chorus has a good deal of slow but effective punch to it and leaves you satisfied.

Ain’t Over Til It’s Over, the next song begins with a majorly positive guitar riff making it sound almost like a pop punk song, the vocals come in and they’re different from what we’ve seen so far, they’re very happy and melodic as opposed to the classic metal vocals we’ve heard so far, and honestly I think that this song showcases much better and more unique vocals than we’ve seen from vocalist Jakob so far. A very uplifting guitar solo appears into this song that transitions beautifully into a final chorus with a key change that closes the song really well. This is probably my favourite on the album.

If you would think by the title, this song is going to be heavy. You’d be right. Eighth song Powerthrone is your run of the mill classic metal song, nothing particularly outstanding about this one, it’s good, just not great. Basic chord progressions, strumming patterns and overall tone.

Next up however is, Don’t Fear The Fire and it starts with quick paced guitar and steady drums, along with resounding vocals that have great use of backup vocals. The chorus is one that’s instantly recognizable and catchy. The vocals are still goofy and silly in this song, as with all, but by this point in the album you can really see that it has a lot of charm to it. This song also features a gorgeous guitar solo, it’s another high point in the album.

Ending the album on a strong note is, Love Into Hate, it begins with a fast and hard drum pattern that carries the hard and fast guitar riff. With the vocals in this song, there’s a lot of wailing and screaming and when it’s not that, it’s kind of abrupt, fast-paced singing. This song isn’t the best on the album, but it serves its purpose of ending it on its signature classic metal sound.

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